Esoteric K-03

Thinking of buying the K-03 used but have read a few complaints about noisy transports. If I should buy used and inherit a noisy unit not sure if Esoteric would be willing to service it...any thoughts or experiences please.
I've only had 2 issues with Esoteric (not noisy transport, 1 video board and 1 DSD module) going back 5 years. I can tell you they went out of their way and then some to remedy my issues. I own a P-03U/D-03 still since late 2006 and have no issue with noisy transport. I've also heard no feedback of the kind with the K-03, K-01 or later P units. You should also audition the K-01...
I had a K03 you could hear across the room. Had K01 that made some noise when warming up and was then quiet but not completely silent. As far as service goes, they will most likely look at it for you, but it will probably come back untouched unless it exceeds the normal "acceptable" amount of noise. What that "acceptable" amount is I have no idea. Digital inputs make no noise... Really think DLNA server type device is the way to go nowadays- but that's just my opinion. never mess with the shiny disc again after it's ripped- control the server from your smart phone while you search for other things to waste money on.... Use your turntable when you actually want to listen.
@ Hessec, Hi, thats not really a bad idea, both of our smartphones are the best available, and yes, they have DLNA capabiltys!, what servers you like that have this DLNA?
I just passed 525 hours (yippie!) on my K03 and I haven't noticed any inherent sound. Its still breaking in (SACD right now for a few hundred hours...) and its as quiet as Justin Bieber when the DEA is boarding his tour bus. I did just walk over as its currently spinning and, in a silent room, you need to place your ear within 12 inches to hear any sound of movement. 14 inches away, I don't hear anything. I had a MF kW SACD Player that I had to move a shelf over because of the noise and I am a nut for sounds like that (I just took my light bulbs out in my sound room..) but nothing with the K03 spinner noise wise.
I have an Esoteric UX-3 which uses the VRDS NEO Transport and I can not hear a sound coming from the unit when it is playing. The transport is dead quiet.
@ Cerrot, How does the soundstage sound like at this many hours, do you detect eany forward sound?, what rowe in seating would you say you hear, rowe a ,d , f, ?, cheers.
@ Judyazblues, Was your post a real one concerning the soundstage abilities of a Esoteric K-03 player?, what do you mean by Audiomindlessinth?, Really, I hope you are not making fun of me or my user name here!, because if you are, I would like to know how many years of exsperience you have in audio, and what have you contributed to audio?, I have 34 years exsperience, and have done a couple of inventions as well in audio!, so when I ask about soundstage presatation, It is not a joke!, I am and was a touring musician too!, again, Really, I know what live music should sound like!, there is no such a sound as a forward sound with live music!, so in the end, my question is very valid!, I only want a realistic sound and will never settle for any less!
The soundstage is fineand not forward. The row changes with the recording. Like I said, you just have to hear it.
Thankyou cerrot, at times, an audiophile may need alot of exsperience to know how to answer my questions!, please forgive me, As you can see on the post above, I am deep into sound!,The way a presatation sounds means everything!
My K-03 is perfect and soundless. Although I have only played it for about 40 hours or so since I usually use a digital source. I am thinking about selling it is virtually brand new and I hardly use it. Will have to check on the demand for such units...even at half price.
@ Wc65mustang, It appears that you need to take my 9-1-13 post serious as well!, whats said in that post is all I need to say!, If you do not understand the question about presatation, you are not a seasoned audiophile!
@ Wc65mustang, yeah, you are the real nuance!, always giving me and others a hard time for what, I do not know!, I have never said nothing to you to provoke you!, Its like you take delight in getting members frustrated with you, LOL!, Like you are bored looking for an arguement!, I want to get along with every one, you make that real difficult!, an example is the way you just posted my user name wrong to again, provoke me, you need to read the audiogon user terms, this kind of negativity can and will be reported if you do not lay off me and others!