Esoteric K-01/K-03 Owners

Spoke today with the local Esoteric rep to get information on plans to upgrade existing K-01/K-03 users to the "X" model which is only sold overseas at this time. Here is the scoop. (Dates/$$ are only close estimates)

- Upgrades will be available in October 2014
- The upgrade will include the USB input mechanism to support 2.8 MHz DSD (Native Playback) and 384 MHz (PCM).
- There are several other upgrades to the K-01x/K-03x that are not included. (i.e. Upgrades to the DAC, Transport, etc that are direct descendants of the
Grandioso Model).
- Approx. cost is $1,000 (Not including 2-way shipping)
- The Upgrades will be provided in California

Info. on K-03x:

Beats having to buy a new DSD Dac in the meantime if patient.

Anybody with a K-03x having disc reading problems?

I bought mine used a few months ago—seller said he was moving up to the K-02—but a few weeks ago the unit stopped recognizing most discs. At first repositioning the disc in the tray worked, but now most discs it just doesn't recognize. All I get is the word TRAY! on the readout.

This is especially irritating since I've got a 1995 VRDS-25 and a 2003 P-70 that continue to perform flawlessly.

Any suggestions appreciated.
You should call Esoteric technical support at:

This is quite an old thread but I was wondering if the HS_2 on the K-01 USB works with some version of MAC osX? And maybe I need the old Esoteric USB driver for it? The one I downloaded now from the website does not work with Lion, Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard, only with HS_1, the synchronous mode...
anyone can help me find the old driver that came on a cd with the player in the box?