Esoteric: firewire vs. aes-ebu connection

Has anybody really checked out the performance of the Esoteric separates using a high quality firewire cable? Everyone(including me) seems to assume that the dual aes-ebu connection is superior. The Esoteric units are supposed to have a "flow rate" circuit that eliminates/reduces jitter if you use a firewire connection. In my case we are talking about the P05/D05 units. Any insight would be appreciated.
Have you done any experiments yourself already? One of the interesting issues of course, is that different brands and ICs models seem to make quite a difference on Esoteric gear. This means that unless you use identical models of wires for aes-ebu and firewire, you may not get very useful results. You may want to buzz Esoteric and have a chat with Tim Crable.

Let us know what you find out! Guido
I received a long technical e-mail from Esoteric explaining that in every respect dual aes-ebu is preferable. That's good enough for me. I must say that their customer service has been awesome.
Excellent, could you please post the TEAC America technical message to this thread. I and others would love to read Tim Crable's explanation. G.