Esoteric E-03 Phono Stage

Anyone have and/or heard this phono pre: Esoteric E-03?

Soundstage Review

Looks interesting...
Yes,..i just bought one...6-moon has also a review on this phono...this thing is going to be class A product in stereophile that good! If you r in Melbourne Australia, i can demo it...should be double of what it cost!!

Please elaborate on the qualities of the preamp. Have you compared it to any others? I have been unable to hear one (so far!) but it is very high on my list.

Hi, the e-03 has done so far 150 hours...i did have a Audio Research PH5 comparison! my thoughts are 100% with the 6-moon review...everything opens up...big staging, depth, dynamic, detail but not sterile, warmer sounding than the tube ARC PH5...mine are hook up to ARC REF3, thr a pair of custom valve monoblocks by Melody...speakers are Usher BE-20 with GR Research x/over.
Did you have any noise issues such as the 6moons review stated?


Yes!! i have...can be fix by playing around with the earth on the power cables...i actually remove the earth on the Pre-amp...but i couldnt have my esoteric x-03se cd player on while i'm using the phono...the E-03 phono will pick up the transformer in the x-03se...
Anyone compared this to the Whest units?
Superb phono amp, replaced a Lamm LP2 because it is a better match with the Esoteric C-03 preamp. Extraordinary detail, no sense of etched quality although it isn't a particularly warm sound. In tonal balance, the phono sound is really quite similar to my Esoteric digital balance (C-03, D-03, G-Orb) even with a Koetsu Platinum cartridge. Very silent (better than the Lamm); no noise issues whatever.
Its one of the best phono amps I have heard.

I have 100 hours on mine, and no noise issues. I am using a TA Ref MM2x power cord on it.

I have auditioned beside a PH5 and PH7, and preferred it.

Although the AR Ref Phono 2, is still better then the E-03.

But for the price, its terrific. Hopefully the last phono pre-amp I ever buy!
Listened to it once and I thought the sonic signature is very similar to Esoteric's digital products - which is to say lots of details, transparency, frequency extension and sound staging. It is also very neutral.
I am interested in purchasing this phono stage.I read in the 6 moons review that the EO-3 will let you hear any record defect as compared directly to the Audio Flight phono stage.
Do the user's of the EO-3 find that a problem? I was considering the E0-3 and Zesto Andros.
I have had this phono amp for months. It replaced the Lamm, a tube unit. I have detected absolutely no difference between the two as to how audible record defects are. (My cartridge is a Koetsu and arm and turntable are SME.)
I listened to this phono preamp a couple of years ago and immediately found it to be characteristic of Esoteric's house sound -- very cleaning, neutral sounding with gobs of details and frequency extension. It does all the analytical qualities right without sounding sterile or emotionless.

Another similar sounding phono preamp but with more warmth and possibly slightly more bloom (not that the E-03 is lacking in this department) is the Pass XP series phono preamps.
Resurrecting this thread. I would also be interested if anyone has compared this to a Zesto Andros.