Esoteric DV50 - What is the next step up?

I have recently heard the Esoteric DV50 and just love it ! Within the Esoteric line, what is the next step up for 2 channel cd quality? I play redbook cd's mostly and some SACD. I don't need the video portion at all. Any thoughts are appreciated and I am interested in previous maodels better than the 50 as well.
Call Esoteric and/or look at their website for current and prior models. Pretty simple.... $5999 $8200 $16000
Those are the three cd/sacd only players that they offer that are "above" the DV50 in a single box unit. I have a DV50s and I really like it. As I am sure you know, the DV50 is a universal player. But like I said, I really like it in my setup. Now, at some point I may goto the next level. When I do that, I may look outside of Esoteric. But I have read that the 03 and 01 are very good units. The 03 was actually reviewed very well and compared rather favorably to a Zanaden combo.
if you really like it, don't change a thing.
Try Esoteric X03SE or top of line Marantz? Or Sim Supernova or Andromeda, or Esoteric X01D2. thanks

May be a high quality analog front end? Just for comparison...