Esoteric DV50 Setup Questions

I just purchased a used Esoteric DV 50 Universal Player. I will be using this strictly for audio only, both cd and sacd. After downloading and reading the owners manual, I am very confused in setting up the unit. As I will be using this for strictly audio, does anyone know what I have to set in the setup menu to insure the best sound? From what I gather, I can choose either pcm or dsd output via the coax digital output jack. I will be sending the signal to my Wyred4Sound DAC 1. What would be preferred, pcm or dsd and why?

I am also interested in others feelings on the 3 filter settings and what you consider to sound the best. Please chime in if you have any experience with this model or a similar Esoteric unit.

This is replacing my Sony SCD 777ES sacd player which will find a home in my secondary system.

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I am also using a WFS dac1 with a Esoteric DV50S.
When using the digital out I have mine set to DTS-PCM. It will convert to PCM.
Of course It is set to digital out. I use this to play cds only.
I also have the DV50S hooked via analog outs to my pre to play any other disc and set digital out off.
Hi I used to have a DV 50S a while back. Wish I never would have sold it...for DVD playback it is awesome and very good on Audio.

I am pretty sure that if you use a external dac the filter settings don't apply, they are just for the internal dac...

Also agree that you should set for PCM output...
Digital out settings like DTS-PCM do not apply to analog audio output on the DV-50s, UX-1 Ltd, my experience. For digital out however DTS-PCM is a good setting. If memory serves, for filter settings, I preferred the RDOT+FIR filter setting for analog audio output using the internal DAC on the DV-50s.