Esoteric DV-60 vs Oppo BDP-95

Has anyone done a side by side comparison ?

Most interested in two channel performance.

Opinions also appreciated.

I asked this question earlier, unfortunately with no responses so trying again.

Thanks in advance.
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Unless the DV-60 is a big improvement over the DV-50 I owned a while back, I'd pass. To my ears, the DV-50 was dry, sterile, and with mediocre recordings, downright irritating.

I own the BDP-95, which I purchased mainly for video, and while it's not the last word in resolution, at least it's easy on the ears.

For serious listening, when I'm not listening to vinyl that is, I have a Modwright Sony ES5400 which I'd highly recommend to anyone.

My buddy owns the Modwright Oppo BDP-95 and prefers it to the ridiculously priced Playback Design player he unloaded recently.
Thank you for your response. I appreciate your time spent to post on this subject.
You're welcome!
While I have not owned a DV-60 and therefore cannot assist on the comparison I own a 95 which I enjoy very much.

I can also advise unless you are in a real hurry to get a 95 Oppo will be releasing their reported model "105" which will have some significant changes. No release dates yet but a prototype was shown @ Cedia 2012 and I believe there is a thread over at AVS Forums on it.
Thank you again for the 'heads up'