Esoteric DV-60 or SA-60

The selling price for a DV-60 seems to be about $1500, but I wonder about the price of an SA-60.  There are few data points in the Audiogon Blue Book.  Could there be a premium for SA-60s over a DV-60s, because there's no video processing?  The only SA-60 I find is listed in the US is on eBay for $2K.

I have been awaiting to read a comparison between the DV and SA series as well.  Happy Listening!
Here is an excerpt from a 2006 Ultra Audio Review of the Esoteric DV60. "Esoteric says the SA-60, which I haven’t yet heard in my system, sounds exactly like the DV-60. If you trust manufacturers’ claims or don’t mind rolling the dice when it comes to buying decisions, you can extrapolate the SA-60’s sound from my assessment of the DV-60’s performance. If auditioning the unit confirms my findings of the DV-60, then the price factor comes into play big-time: the DV-60 retails for $5600, the SA-60 for $4500".
Thanks! for sharing- gocubs999

In 2014, I had a wonderful demo w/ the DV-60- I really enjoyed its SACD playback.

which model did you purchase?
My offer for an SA-60 has been accepted.  I plan to pass 5.1 analog from the SA-60 through my Bryston SP3.  The LCR amps are Parasound JC 1 mono blocks; the LRS amp is an A 23.

Let us know your impressions when you get everything up and running. The SACD - Gaucho by Steely Dan is an excellent review disk if yo have it.
Excellent- db.

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
gocubs999, I bought the Gaucho SACD in anticipation of the SA-60.  It sounds pretty spectacular in surround played on my Sony 5400ES.  The disc lets the KEF LS50 surrounds shine.  It fired up the Velodyne HGS-15 subs first thing, even though they're crossed at 40 Hz with the KEF Reference 107/2s.  The percussion is amazing.  The SA-60 has its work cut out for it if it's to be more impressive than the Sony with this disc.
Keep us posted- db.

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I've connected the SA-60 to the Bryston SP3, and both appear to display the desired information, but there has been no sound.  Given that both the SA-60 and SP3 are complex devices, I suspect it's a problem with connections or settings, at least I hope so.  I've tried both single-ended analog 5.1 and balanced stereo.  I suspect the problem may be with the complex and inadequately documented SP3. 

As I suspected, it was pilot error with the Bryston SP3.  I used the remote to select 7.1 bypass and glorious sound came up right away.  "Jazz at the Pawnshop" convinced me the SA-60 delivers surround sound quality so close to that of stereo with the Ayre I couldn't quibble.  Other 5.1 discs confirm my initial impression.  It accomplishes everything I had hoped it would.

Very nice- db.
Happy Listening!