Esoteric DV-50s Modified by Reference Audio Mods

A couple of months ago, I had my Esoteric DV-50s (already a very good universal player) modified by Doug Jesse at Reference Audio Mods in Warren, Michigan.

Is my modified Esoteric the best in the world? Is it better than the highly touted modified Denon units? In truth, I don’t know, I haven't heard all of them.

I have heard a couple of the modified Denon units and my Esoteric is decidedly better.

I do know for certain, and can state unequivocally, that my modified Esoteric DV-50s is better than any CD, SACD, or Universal player that I have ever had in my system - - - - - period.

I have owned the Accuphase DP-85, Sony SCD-1 and Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD players - - The modified Esoteric is better than any of them.

I bought and quickly sold the McCormack UDP-1 - The Esoteric beat this unit by a wide margin.

Recent CD players made to sound inferior by the Esoteric in my system were the Lector CDP-7, Musical Fidelity A-5, Levinson No. 37 & 360s, Krell KPS 28C, Ayre CX-7.

My system consists of Spectral amp (DMA-250) & pre-amp (DMC-30SL) Basis Debut Vacuum turntable with Graham 2.2 arm & Graham Nightingale cartridge. Pass Xono phono stage, Magnepan 20.1 or Verity Parsifal Encore speakers all connected by MIT Oracle & Spectral (MIT) cables.

The areas where the modified Esoteric really shines are.

1. Soundstaging - Imaging specificity - image width, depth, and height are astounding.

2. Holographic - you are there - presentation of the music- No digital player has ever come close to presenting a true picture of the music as it is presented by the Esoteric. My turntable has a hard time equaling the presentation of the modified Esoteric DV-50s. (I'm being kind to vinyl freaks - sometimes I think that digital on my Esoteric is better than LP)

3. The sound of music - transients, attack, bass, treble, mids - all exact and real - sound like the actual instruments are in the room with you.

4. Vocalists - the right size, shape, even the right height - Singers just stand in the front of my room and start to sing. Uncanny.

5. CD, DVD-A. SACD all equally well played.

CD’s have never sounded better on my system. In most cases, they are the equal of SACD or DVD-a discs.

I am hugely impressed with the work that Doug Jesse did on my stock Esoteric unit. It sounds extraordinarily good.

My question is - Is the Esoteric DV-50s as modified by Doug Jesse at Reference Audio Mods - the best universal player in the world?

Not to re-hash an old topic with hundreds of responses.

I just want to state that the Esoteric that was beaten around so soundly in the previous posts, may have a new lease on life and can be an outstanding player with well planned and well executed modifications.

My stock Esoteric was very good. I was not prepared for the improvements that I found in the modified unit.
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Jprice, are you somehow, even remotly related to Doug Jesse or Reference Audio?
How much is upgrade that you talking about?
I've just seen your post in January of 2005 where you recommending the Musical Fidelity A-5. Are you saying now that DV 50 is better?
P.S. Pardon my persistence, but I really got tired from people on the Audiogon who pretend to be just audiophiles but indeed are dealers or otherwise trying to make money on the equipment which they recommending or services provided, and for that reason giving biased opinions. I believe dealers should be required to revile who they are in each post where they giving their opinion on the components they selling. So, let me clarify this isue one more time - you are not making any money on Esoteric sale or something, are you? Cause if you don't then I'm really appreciated your post.
Did anybody compared DV 50 to other Esoteric's models like
DV 70; UX1; X01?