Esoteric DV-50 'S' Upgrade

Has anyone gone through the Esoteric DV-50 to DV-50 'S' upgrade yet? I would very much like to know of your experience, and any feeling on the improvement to video quality by using the DVI output.


I had a DV-50S before the DV-50 I have now. The video on both is very good. But I chose the sell the S and get the regular version and use an iScan HD, potentially with SDI, but I haven’t done that yet.

I will say that just through component out of the DV-50 into the iScan, the PQ is much better to me than the DV-50S. With the S, test patterns were just about perfect from the DVI, but it lacked detail when watching a DVD. The component had more detail, but was kind of soft. Plus, there are no picture controls on the DVI output.

What I have now is really nice. I would recommend it over the update even though it is more expensive. You are more flexible with the external scaler too.

FWIW, I am using a Sharp XV-Z10000U DLP front projector onto a 92" screen.

I had mine done, in fact I was the first person to have it done, it took about 12 days from when I dropped it off at FedEx (I used Teac’s bulk shipping offer so it cost a total of $580 something). They sent me the shipping paperwork FedEx O/N, and second day shipping both ways. Teac was great, FedEx was FedEx. They dropped the unit on my doorstep and left with out so much as ringing the doorbell. Ironically, this time of year we get a lot of gypsy’s in Florida, and two of them came to my door casing the place and pointed out the box. They must have had no idea the value of it or I suspect they would have just left with it!

FedEx had dropped the box, possibly more than once, as both the outer and inner boxes were ripped and the Styrofoam was destroyed inside. The outer box seemed to actually have stretched and the inner box had room to move around a little inside when I got it back. Fortunately for me, the original shipping cartons and packing are pretty hefty, and my player seems perfect, I was completely unable to ID any visible damage and the player works perfectly.

I called Teac and explained my concerns should I need to mail the unit again and they are sending me a new carton and packing. I must admit, I expected them to charge me, and was quite impressed they did this with no coaxing on my part. I told them of the damage to the box, and my fear if I ever had to re-mail this unit. They told me they’d send me a new carton and packing, but it was on back order and would take some time. I have not yet received it, but did receive mailed confirmation it will be on it’s way… very nice move Teac!

OK, onto the guts of the matter……

I was particularly eager to get the DVI output as I use a Samsung DLP, and it just seems logical to put a digital feed to a digital display….. thus avoiding D-A and the subsequent A-D conversion. I must admit I haven’t yet compared the DVI to analog outs (I will get off my butt and try to do it today and post a follow up later), I am able to see a significant improvement in the video. The images are sharper, especially when paused or playing slo-mo. In fact, when paused, the images are unbelievably clear to the point of almost looking photographic with almost no hint of motion distortion (for lack of a better term) except if paused during extremely ‘active’ scenes. Even then it is minimal. This is clearly improved over the original video out (analogs)…. Again I need to hook both up later today and A-B them for the updated video board for you (and me as I’ve been meaning to do this since I got it back a few weeks ago!)

That is my initial impression, is it worth it? In my mind it is. I suspect with digital displays, the DVI will always yield a better picture, analog displays may do better either way depending in the display device. I’ll hook both connections to the TV later this morning and post a follow up, I only need to go to work for a short time and will do this later this morning as I’ll have the house and HT to myself, well, the dogs and cats will share….

Until later,

OK, several hours, and movies later....

The component outs are not as sharp as the DVI, colors seem slightley more lively, despite equally setting up each input. To me the slight difference in color was more than offset by the marked increase in sharpness and three dimensionality from the DVI out..
Thanks Kenny for your response. I'll call Teac up and schedule mine to be upgraded and order up a cable. I use the Sony 50" dlp, and it's HD picture quality is supposed to be dramatically better than it's analog quality. It's certainly worth 500 to let my Esoteric shine in the video department as much as it does in the audio department!
OK, what is the difference between the upgraded DVI and the D1/D2 output? Is the D1/D2 output a glorified component video output? Let me know.
With my Hddvr, I have unfortunately gotten used to HD signals, and now DVDs don't look as good. Do you people with the upgrade feel it is closer to HD quality?
I'm sure I would notice the difference, I don't want the classic "diminishing returns" style upgrade, though.
D1/D2/D3/D4 are more like fool-proof component video connections for domestic Japan market.
D1 = standard def.
D2 = D1 + 480p
D3 = D2 + 1080i
D4 = D3 + 720P

Alan Hsu