Esoteric DV-50 or Meridian G-08.2 CD Player??

I just sold my krell kav 280 cd player and will be upgrading my digital source. I was originally looking for the esoteric X-03 or X-03SE but these are few and far between, and a bit out of my price range. I do not have any sacd's but have heard that the esoteric DV-50 is a good alternative for a cd player. Should I get the DV-50, or the well acclaimed Meridian G-08.2? I am also considering possibly an accuphase player. My budget is $2500. My system consists of the following:

Amp: Pass Labs X-250.5
Power Conditioner - BPT 2.5 Ultra Signature
Preamp- Krell Kav280P
Speakers- Totem Forest
Cables- Audiopath Custom Eight wire Silver (by Tom Hills at Hudson Audio)
CD Player - see thread... looking to upgrade esoteric, meridian or accuphase.

Any thoughts or recommendations is appreciated. Thanks.
I can help a little, maybe!

I have lived with the DV-50s since new (I actually paid to upgrade it to 's' status which was wasted money now but that's another story) and for a long time ran it and a G98DH through a Meridian 861v4, in this setup the G98/861 would be a bit better than just the G08, but this is what I found for differences.

They were both very good players, the Esoteric is a bit more accurate and precise while the Meridian combo was slightly more musical. That said the attack was better from the Esoteric while soundstage was larger with the G98/861, who also had slightly more air and separation.

I often found myself using the G98/861 for CD's more but when I wanted to spin all kinds of discs, I used the Esoteric mainly as the G98 didn't do SACD (and now the new G96 doesn't do DVD-A anymore)

So both are excellent choices depending on what you want, for me, it depended on what I was listening to and my mood, somedays I chose one, some days the other, hopefully I have given you some idea why I did this, but honestly on some days it there wasn't a reason, I just chose one over the other!
I agree with Kennyt. I had demoed the Esoteric sa-10 and found that poorly recorded cds sounded terrible but the good recordings were great. I think that's why Kennyt has both players. Me I went and bought the G08 (can't afford both but wish I could). To me the Meridian is a lot more musical but still has a good amount of detail and better 'prat'. The G08.2 wasn't out when I got the G08. Both are great players but different. If possible try to demo both yourself. I have never demoed the accuphase so I cant comment there.
I have had both players (Esoteric DV-50s & Meridian G-08)
First of all you cannot go wrong with either.

They both ran through Mcintosh equipment.
The nod goes to the Esoteric for two channel DVD
concert playback. The best I have heard. Naturally the Meridian does not play dvd's. And I do think the upgrade in
picture quality is worth it for the "s" version. Like the above posters stated, the Esoteric is tremendous on SACD
and has outstanding build quality.

For redbook cd playback it is hard to beat the Meridian
until you go mega bucks. Yes the PRAT and musicality
are all there. It does not have the finite detail I have had on other players. Do not get me wrong, the detail is
good. But the seperation of instruments and total music
presentation is outstanding.
It is FUN to listen to.
out of the picture and let you listen to the music.
I have had quite a few cd players under $4500.

For concert video/SACD......ESOTERIC.
For redbook......MERIDIAN.
Thanks, KL audio. Is the Esoteric X-03 or X-03SE a better sounding red book player than the G-08.2? I'm wondering if saving more and waiting for the X-03 or X-03SE would be a better choice. I'm not crazy about the huge remote on the meridian. Thanks again, Greg
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thanks, jab. I have heard the G-08.2 sounds somewhat overfiltered at times. I'm strongly considering waiting until I have all the funds to purchase an esoteric X-03SE. I've decided not to get the DV-50 as I will be using it for red book only. I also dislike the huge meridian remote and am starting to question the multi filter aspect. I'm leaning towards to x-03 or x-03se.Thanks!
Just a quick note.........I thought the Meridian
had more of a "live" sound than the Esoteric (on redbook). The Esoteric X-03SE is a no brainer though. I don't know the deals on the Meridian G-08v2......most of the players for sale here are V1.
The Esoteric X03SE smokes the G08. I think the X03 sounds better than the 808 (not signature, as I have not heard that). Not by much (redbook), but I preferred it and the SACD was a huge PLUS. Esoyerics are incredibly revealing and poor sounding CD's are absolutely terrible...but great CD's are awesome.
I did mean in my last post that the X03 is a no brainer compared to the DV-50s or the G08. It is a great player.
The Meridian is pretty good on older redbook cd's.
One reason I do like the G08.

Trust me I am a big Esoteric fan and these two companies would be the only road I would look for cd players now.

I have owned Mcintosh, Cambridge, Cary, Esoteric,
Meridian, NAD, Musical Fidelity and Rega just to name
a few. Trust me they all have there good points.

You cannot go wrong with either company. I still think overall redbook goes to the Meridian.......SACD and
hi-rez goes to Esoteric.