Esoteric D70 direct to amp?

I posted this on the amps/preamps section, but have gotten little feedback, so here's my second attempt to get more input from more experienced users.

I'm looking to replace my stereo preamp with a DAC with volume control. Amp is McIntosh MC275 (tubes). Source is a CD player, and likely a P70 in the future if I went for the D70. No need for SACD capability. Speakers are B&W 804s.

Has/is anybody using a D70 in this manner? How good would it be? Alternatives considered are McIntosh MDA1000, or upgraded pre + upgraded CD player. Would need to keep the budget for all under $8000.

Thoughts? Ideas?

I have used the P/D70 combination this way into Pass XA100.
It was very detailed and dynamic sounding, but not the most "musical combination".
I think tube's like your MC275 will work better with the Esoteric combo.

Thanks for your input. Too bad my question isn't compelling enough for others to provide some input too.

Point taken, though. From reading some posts it seems like what you describe is true for Esoteric combos in general (without a preamp), not just the P/D70.

Thanks much
I do this and I prefer the volume control to that of Wadia. BTW IMHO in this regard less is more, unless you have a SOTA preamp.

FYI the rest of my system where I use the D70 is as follows:

Accuphase DP80 transport
Harmonic Technology Photon digital interconnect
Harmonic Technology Photon AMP balanced XLR interconnect
NuForce Reference 9SEV2 amps
Thiel CS6 speakers
Siltech LS 180 speaker cable
PS Audio Premier Power Plant
Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular equipment rack

Shakti Stones & Onlines
PS Audio Noise Harvesters
Eichmann Toppers
Dedicated Audio Cable Towers
Tube traps