Esoteric D-07x and PWD Mk2. Need opinions

Hi all. I've slowly been ramping up my combined HT/2ch system, and I'm looking to complete the 2ch package with a PC server, so I'm looking for a good DAC. The 2ch part of my system consists of Revel Salon 2s, Mcintosh MC452 amp, a Krell S-1200 preamp/processor, and as source, an Oppo BDP-95. The Krell was a massively great upgrade, and the SQ now is fantastic. I wasnt to add a server for convenience but do not want to sacrifice SQ. I was pretty set on the PWD mk2 as an excellent DAC for it's street price, but the latest reviews on the Esoteric D-07x have made me take notice. I hear the BADA is not much better than the PWD, and although there is a big fan club here for the AMR DP-777, I don't want to deal with tubes at all.

I would love to hear any comparisons between the D-07x and the PWD mk2. Also, since there probably won't be many who have done that comparison, I would love to hear opinions on each DACs sound charateristics, and any comparisons between either of these two DACs and other competitive DACs. The more comparison and descriptors the better, so I can get a handle on their respective qualities.

Thanks much...