Esoteric CO3 preamp vs Mark Levinson 326s

Thinking of upgrading to the 326s or the co3. Do not need phone stage. Will be used with a Mark Levinson 335 amp and B&W Matrix's 800 speakers. Speaker wire and interconnects will be Transparent Ref MM2 and the same interconnects xlr Balanced. I listen to Classical to Rock to Folk to Jazz. Would like to hear pros and cons of both preamps.
Thank you for your time.
Just a note regarding the Esoteric C-03, they have released the upgraded model C-03x. You may find some original C-03 preamps still available but they should be priced accordingly.
You don't say why you are upgrading. Do you have a specific issue with your system now that you need to fix? Or, are you happy with your current setup and just want an overall improvement? Also, what preamp are you currently using?
Hello Zd542
I am slowing moving away from home theater to 2 channel. Would like to know the pros and cons of the Esoteric preamp and of the Levinson preamp?
I have a Levinson 432 amp and Sonus Faber Cremona speakers. I had a Classe 65 preamp and wanted to upgrade. It had a slight amount of digital harshness in the treble. I tried a 326 and the sound was pleasant but had no pizazz. I also think of Levinson of slightly laid back and the combo of the 432 and the 326 was a little too laid back. especially with my speakers. I eventually went to a Cary SLP-05 which had the tube sweetness, but still have plenty of jump. Before deciding on a 326 I would look at various tube pre-amps, like the Cary, Conrad Johnson and others. The normal disclaimer - YMMV depending on other components, notable the speakers.