Esoteric CD Players - Standby mode?

I own an Esoteric UX-3SE and have noticed that there isn't a "standby" mode whereby basic power supply and such stay powered up so that the unit is "ready to go " in a few minutes after turning on. The unit gets dead cold when you turn off the front and only power switch. I assume the 5's and 1's are the same way.
Do you other Esoteric owners leave them on all the time for best sound and just turn off the front display?
I welcome your thoughts and input. I emailed Esoteric and did not get a response. That surprises me.
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Hi Bill,

I used to own a Esoteric DV50S. I left it on all the time...except maybe when leaving for vacation or a biz trip. I found it sounded best after being on for 48 hours or so...

I have the same experience with my dCS set up I own today...
Thanks, i wonder why some manufacturers choose not to have some circuitry not on all the time? Seems weird, anyone know? Dcs and esoteric are on the high end of things also....
Hi Bill, I have enjoied an Esoteric X-01 for several years. I leave the machine powered on all the time, except when there are thunderstorms in the forecast... Like right now... Hope Jfrech has powered his own system down as well... We live only several miles from each other.

Even with the machine always on, it takes one or two hours of playing time before X-01 returns to full performance.

In recent times, I have used X-01 mostly as a transport to feed the Rowland Aeris DAC via SPDIF... Which goes directly into my Rowland M925 monos... And then into Vienna Die Muzik... Absolutely fab performance!

Hi Bill, I have the Esoteric KO3X and i leave it on with the display off seems to be fine. Pete