Esoteric CD / Conrad Johnson Amps: Interconnects?

I am a bit of a newbie at this stuff, but did want some forum thoughts on what interconnects would work well with the following setup:

Esoteric X1-D2 CD/SACD player
Conrad Johnson Act 2 Series 2 Preamp
Conrad Johnson LP140M's amps

I have little experience on interconnects, but have been told I should go with a pure silver interconnect from the CD player to the preamp and then a silver/copper mix cable from the preamp to the amps.

Additionally, what would be a good interconnect choice for running the 5 channel analog out of the Esoteric to my prepro to take advantage of listening to SACD?

I would appreciate thoughts on the above and specific manufacturer recommendations.

Thank you.

Check out these Silent Source Silver Signature RCA interconnects from Walker Audio.

There is no such rule, interconnects are so system dependent that you have to try them out. I have long crystal silver, carbon and copper and each is better in a particular application. Buy used from Audiogon or a place that will let you exchange them. I think Van den Hul The First Ultimate is the best bargain of the very high end cables and it works well with most but no one can really give you a definitive answer. I have often had the experience of sitting with my friends and comparing cables, we can usually agree on the sonic differences between them but less often on which is better. If you leave your interconnects in place Mapleshade makes ones that are very good; but they are also fragile. If money is no object then Cardas and Transparent are hard to beat. If the Esoteric is a 2 box unit pay especial attention to the link between them. I have found large differences between almost every one I try.
You are a newbie with that gear?

Esoteric sources out manufacturing of their own cables from Acrolink. They are insanely expensive, but right in line price wise with the level of your ancillary equipment. They are designed to work well with Esoteric disc players.