Esoteric C-02x and the Luxaman c-900u pre-amps - your thoughts

I am looking into these two pre-amps and will toss this question to the Audiogon experts and ask that question ; Your thoughts on these two pre-amps. I am taking consideration into ; the reliability of the piece, strength of the company's distribution here in the US as where would I get it repaired, the best re-sale value of either and last but not least ; the sonic characteristics of these two pre-amps. Thank you and much appreciated.     
I own an Esoteric C02 non-X and it is jaw-dropping and amazing sonically and musically. One of the world's best. The C02X is reported to be as good and better.

The Luxman is a very, very good preamp....for my money though, I would definitely opt for the C02X!

Esoteric gear is built at a level few provide in any market.  I have never had an issue with any of my 02-level Esoteric gear FWIW.  Repair is also handled by their US HQ with parts flown in from Japan when needed (if not already present in the US location).
Hello Zephyr ....thank you and you and I have crossed paths in the past. I currently own the Esoteric K-01x player and the Esoteric A-03 - 50 watt pure Class A amp on Wilson Benesch Square 5's. The Luxman gear is very nice and musical  - but I thought it through and listened  - went with the C-02x. You are right on all points that you noted which went into my final decision. Thank you for your response.     
Hello! It's great to hear from you again; I am glad all is well for you.  If the stars align (or lottery tickets come in LOL), my ultimate target is a Grandioso C1 some day however that will take a lot of resources to go after.  In the meantime, I am extremely happy with the C-02 and do wish I'd waited another year or so for the C-02X but 'who knew' as they say that the X would come out (relatively) soon after the 02s here in the US (2+ years if memory serves).  By any evaluation, the C-02 is a great pre-amp and keeps me very happy with all that it's added to my system.!   Enjoy your amazing system and all the music it conveys!  
Hello Zephyr........I had the opportunity and went and really listened to the similarly priced ; Luxman C900u pre-amp and I will tell you that is one hell of a pre-amp. Very musical and open .....darn it as was just about to pull the trigger on the Esoteric C-02x.
Hello @garebear did you choose the 900u. Curious on your thoughts.