Esoteric A100 Service Nightmare

My Esoteric A100 which has been stuck in a safety circuit mode after an electrical surge.  I have contacted the Esoteric Service department and the unit was shipped to TAP electronics in Buena Park CA.  I was contacted by the service department that the A100s cannot be serviced in the US and must be shipped to Japan due to a required tool that is only available in Japan.  What???  I was quoted a shipping charge in the thousands $ and that there is no guarantee that the unit is even salvageable.  The interaction with TAP electronics was a nightmare but its not relevant here.   A100 has essentially become an expensive paper weight.  I am disappointed and puzzled by the lack of adequate service support for a unit that sold for over $18,000.  Any thoughts or recommendation on addressing this unit?  I am ready to consider the unit dead and move on.  This is unfortunately a last resort plea before I drop this unit to recycling.



stereo5I concur. If Esoteric wishes to keep a presence here in the U.S.A. then it does require better Customer Service. Hopefully Frank will receive resolution regarding his A100.
kimf70Excellent points all around on Esoteric's / TAP Electronics customer service. Thank You for sharing your experience here. It is imperative to post both positive and negative experiences when dealing with these companies, manufacturers. Well done.
Is the unit under warranty?
Did you talk to Scott Sefton?
You should at least talk to someone higher up in Integra's chain.

@Jay23, The unit is not under warranty.  I did speak to Scott.  He was empathetic but unable to offer more assistance.  I am ready to move on and in the market for an AMP from a different manufacturer.  The Esoteric was part of my system at a second home.  I will be spending more time there and would like to get it up and running again.  I will definitely purchase from a US company this time.  I am looking into McIntosh which I have not considered in the past and Audio Research.  Hopefully will have better support from them.


By the way my first post in this thread was supposed to be ironic

I find it highly amusing for someone to immediately claim they will never purchase a product based on something they read on an audiogon forum thread 

I just felt the need to explain myself since I assume the joke went over everyone’s head