Esoteric A-80 Power Amp

Looking to hear from anyone that has heard these 200 watt mono's. What was your impresions, powerful sound stage etc?

Anyone heard the C-03 preamp yet either. This new equipment of theres looks quite impressive.

Thanks for the comments
Bumping on an old post here, but I too am very curious. Anyone have any input?
I've heard both and was very impressed. Esoteric makes outstanding gear IMO.
I'm interested in improving on my Simaudio Moon W-5 of several yrs. I like the qualities this amp brings to the system - tight, extended low freq., well balanced mids/upper freq., and above all, retains the presentation at low amplitude listening. Would like to take all this to a more refined level (within an 8k budget), w/ partic. interest in expanding the soundstage. Having an Esoteric K-03 digital source, I'm familiar with the Esoteric build/sound. The A-80 monos may be the improvement path I'm seeking, but can find little in terms of review thoughts. Just starting out on research here, so a babe in the woods on all this. Too remote from brick/mortars to audition, but looking forward to AXPONA in April to give me some direction.