Esotar T-330D Tweeter

I seen a ad for a Esotar T-330D Tweeter and I wonder if that is the same tweeter used in the Andra 2 and others?
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their may be more than one version of the t-330d but to my knowledge YES, this is the same tweeter. it might be prudent to get a pair from the same lot if possible.
Yes, it is. where did you see it?
I'm very curious on how this 20 years old tweeter compares to the newer designs in the 21st century.

Back then when it was available for the DIYers' it was very expensive (was it $400 each? or a pair?)

I haven't used/listened to it though.
Thanks, Eggleston just confirmed also.
I saw a ad for set on EBay. I thought they would be good to have just in case mine ever needed replacing.
But, the Auction ended before anyone could comfirm the model number.
There are also other ones listed elsewhere as Esotar Auto models MD-330 . They look like the same thing, I wonder how they compare and could they be used as a replacement.
I am going to Tennesee next week and I plan on touring Eggleston works, I should be able to find out then.

P.S. On the Auction they went for $530 and they were used...yikes!
If your T-330D breaks Madisound can help you.

I believe Dynaudio won't sell it to DIYers but it doesn't mean that they won't sell it as a replacement for existing commercial speakers. check with them.