ESI Audio Dr. DAC nano - USB to S/PDIF interface

I'm looking for a USB 2.0 to S/PDIF interface, and I came accross the ESI Audio Dr. DAC nano:

These are my requirements for a computer interface:

(1) connects to a Windows computer (most likely running Windows 7) via USB 2.0. No PCI cards, no firewire... must be USB 2.0.

(2) has bit-perfect S/PDIF (or AES) output. It could be coax, optical, XLR (for AES), whatever kind of connection, it doesn't matter. But it needs to be bit-perfect S/PDIF (or AES).

(3) support for 24 bit / 96 kHz stereo files.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the ESI Audio Dr. DAC nano. I used to own a WaveTerminal 24/96 PCI soundcard made from this company, and was pleased with it. So that's a good starting point, but I'd really like to hear from someone who has used this specific product before I buy one.

Or alternatively, if anyone has any other recommendations for a different product that fits my needs (as outlined above), that would be great to hear as well.

not sure if USB 2.0 (but think so):
Thank you for your response.
One other consideration for me is cost. I am aware of the Bel Canto USB Link, and I'm sure it does the job very well. However, I think it's overpriced (i.e. it costs more than I want to spend on a USB S/PDIF interface). If I could less than $100 for this, that would be great.

Any other thoughts? Or comments on the ESI Audio Dr. DAC nano?'s another option that has gotten a lot of good reviews but is still slightly above your budget at $169:
Finally, @$129, this is another option:

Thanks for the continued suggestions. While both of those are a little more than my initial budget, the $100 is more of a "soft" limit, and I could go a little higher if absolutely necessary.

However, both the Trends Audio USB converter and the HagUsb are limited to 48 kHz, and can't handle 96kHz. So both of those are out of the running. I had looked at the Trends Audio device already and eliminated it because of that issue. But I hadn't yet taken a look at the HagUsb device. It's too bad that it's limited to 48 kHz.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?
Jason...the only other thing i can think of are the HRT Musicstreamer USB DACs which support 24/96 digital formats but they are standalone DACs not converters and they got solid reviews (

My sense was that you wanted to use a USB to S/PDIF converter to use with an existing DAC. Here is a resource that might be useful:

The other resource that might be useful are the forums at the Computer Audiophile website:

Hope this helps Jason. Good luck with your search.
Jason...finally, i just remembered this review at for the Stello U2 (april Music) but it's for $349:

Ofcourse there are more expensive options like the Off-Ramp from Empirical Audio and Sonicweld Diverter 24/96 USB to SPDIF converter which got a Positive Feedback Brutus award recently.

I am all out of ideas for you Jason :-)
First post!
I'm looking for one of these as well and came across two new USB>SPDIF converters that provide 24/96 for very reasonable prices:
The Musiland Monitor 01 USD 24/192 USB to SPDIF is available from Tam's Audio on the 'bay as well as other vendors but he posts regularly on Head-Fi and DIY Audio and seems to have a good rep. The converter has garnered a lot of praise and costs just under $80.
It is currently being challenged by a product from M2Tech, the hiFace USB interface which is now being distributed in the US. It's just come out and has a few very positive reviews. Unlike the Musiland, it slots right into your USB port and is around $150. Hope this helps
Cmalak - thanks again for all your input. Indeed, I would like to continue to use my existing DAC, because I really like the synergy that my components have and I don't want to go changing anything. It seems like there are fewer choices here than I would have anticipated, but it also looks like I've got some more forums/reviews to read through as well.

and Daffyd54, thanks for that info as well. I'll read up on each of those devices.