ESE Nibiru Phono Stage

I saw some press and commentary about this around 5 years ago but not much recently.

Anyone using it or have experience with it in their system?
I just bought one. I should get it next week.

A new version 3.0 just came out.

There is a updated review on that was posted last saturday.

I will report back with my impressions.

Would mind divulging what is the current US price?
It depends on the exchange rate from dollars to euro's.

It was 2,160 euro. Which was $2900 US when I ordered.

Did you receive the Nibiru? If so, what area your impressions?
Hi, I have had it for about 4 months now.

The midrange is quite special. It makes my beattles LP's
sound great. Norah Jones sounds like she is in my room.

The bass is quite good also. Solid and deep. Although I have not played any pipe organ music yet.

The treble is not quite as open as I would like. On some LP's this is a problem but not on most. I have yet to play with cables so it could be a synergy thing with the Audio Metallurgy GA-1's I am using now.

Can anybody recommend IC's that would be more appropriate?


I am really interested in whether you get the highs worked out. How many hours have you played it? Do you think there is any chance it is not broken in yet?
Also, what cartridge are you using?
I have maybe 200 hours on it so far. I have been told it uses teflon caps so it may not be broke in yet. It has opened up some since new. It's not bad just not quite as open sounding as my Plinius M-14.

As for my cartridge I'm using an ESE Inanna sb. I'm really impressed with it. It has a boron cantilever and micro ridge stylus. Output is .3 mv and impedance is 1 ohm which is ideal for the Nibiru. I have about 150 hours on the Inanna sb.

I have a few other carts and the Inanna is my favorite. My other carts are van Den Hul Colibri XGP, van Den Hul Frog, Dynavector 20xl, and a Rega Exact 2.