Escteric UX-1

I have an Esoteric UX-1 I bought new and paid a small fortune for.
I am having a problem with the door not opening.
My tech diagnosed the problem and we called Esoteric and gave them the part number.
They said they don`t make the part anymore. Am I stuck with a $15,000 paper weight?
I am willing to bet if you send/bring it to one of their Authorized repair centers, they would miraculously find the part for it.  I have been told Teac/Esoteric does not like to sell to third parties.
If you manage to get it fixed, be sure to purchase two or three spare LASER sled assemblies for that awesome VRDS NEO CD reader they put in these things (LASERs last about 10 years with moderate use).
I called Tap Electronics which is the only Esoteric authorized repair shop. I gave them a part number for the unit and they said its not available.

These Teac’s transport mechs, have a plastic double gear that strips the smaller one. You should be able to match it with one of these.

Cheers George