Escalante Fremont II

Anyone owning the latest revision (2 i assume) of Escalante Design Fremont?
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Never got the upgrade, but I still have the original ones in Cadilac pearl white and aluminum side panels, just can't seem to sell those!
Still, it is not the later version.
I had the original, never could get them to sing and then had to just about give them away at about 1/4 of their retail price!
From what I remember the only difference is a tweak of the crossover and some reinforcement of the cabinet.
Reinforcement of a 600 pound cabinet! (ea speaker weighed this!) This cabinet was so inert I doubt this would have made a difference but that's just my opinion. I've not heard that anyone had great success with the Fremonts would like to hear from those that did.
The crossover is the heart of a loudspeaker. I rather buy a speaker with a great cabinet, smart crossover and good drivers, than super expensive drivers with un-smart crossover design and a mediocre cabinet.
However, it seems the Fremonts got bad reputation after Sterophiles review (measurements was less than ok i remember). Sadly, i have never heard them. A bit curious i must admit that i am.
I wonder what happened to Escalante as a company!?
The page seems "sleeping", since a long time back.
Escalante for all intents and purposes is a closed deal and no longer in production. I spoke to Matt Waldren the owner a few months ago, he and Teri are working on a subwoofer but are early in design. I doubt they will return.

I personally loved my Fremonts, and thus why I can't sell them! As for shipping, they weigh some 600 pounds a pair in four crates (yep, stands get their own crate!) so each 'monitor' weighs about 100 pounds. I found the Fremonts to be insanely dynamics and able to play loud and go deep as well. Despite their ultra high efficiency they like some serious power to really open up and sing.
Anyone knows where can i get the upgrade?thanks
was the Escalante outfit not an offshoot from the original Talon Audio out of Utah? If so Rives Audio took over Talon so you might want to contact them. If I'm wrong about the Escalante/Talon link then I apologize in advance...
Where i can to do the upgrade?
I live in spain and i love my freemont