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Anyone heard these speakers?
If anyone is interested, just posted a review of these speakers.
Bit of a time lapse in response!
Yes I've heard these speakers, it felt risky but I bought them unheard from a reliable and professional source in the UK where I live and I have not looked back. I use them with an AyonTriton III Valve Integrated usually on the Triode setting which pushes out 70W a side.
Given their 93db sensitivity this is loud and powerful enough to give me what I need from my music. The speakers are revealing and don't tolerate poor recordings. Dial a quality recording in from my sources...CD, DAB/FM Radio or Vinyl and the results are sublime. No need for a sub woofer, 12" drivers do the job great, the one's you can see, there is another 12" hidden within the cabinet. The scanspeak revelator tweeter is reputed to be one of the best in the business. I get it all....soundstage, musicality, pace, rhythm and yes....timing lol! The sound is clear, detailed, unfatigueing, true to whatever quality of recording has been achieved by the musicians and engineers. I play hand percussion Latin mainly so I'm very keen to hear the accurate reproduction of conga drums and the various hand techniques employed in the playing of those wonderful drums. The speakers were previously owned by the owner of a high end turntable manufacturing co who used them for a good few years to listen through to hear the various developments of his own products. He needed a reliable benchmark for that, these were it. Anyway my risk paid off, they are about 10 yrs old and are Fremont MkII. Greg Weaver and others put out reviews which I studied and together with the credibility of the first owner, although I took 6 months to decide, I plunged in to buy them. Piano black in colour, on matching purpose designed stands. I'm so glad the previous owner imported them, took such good care of them and I'm happy I was able o make the decision to buy and enjoy them. 
Well, I'll continue the resurrection of this old thread.  I got a pair of Junipers with an Uinta sub at an estate sale a year or two ago.  At first I just couldn't get the Junipers to come alive, too polite.  Then I got a miniDSP and measurement mic.  Now they are awesome.  I'm A/B'ing them against a brand new set of JBL Studio 590s right now (levels matched, etc.) and they kill them.  I've owned a lot of decent speakers but these are awesome as long as the miniDSP is in the loop to fix 'em up.