Esbjorn Svensson...RIP

Sad news for EST fans. Pianist Esbjorn Svensson passed away over the weekend in a diving accident. The EST Trio was a favorite here in Minneapolis when they were touring the states, with the Dakota Grill having become a regular stop. Their Seven Days Of Falling release opened my eyes to a new (for me) genre of jazz. Life is short.
Sorry to hear are awesome new innovators of jazz.There live shows were something i guess,brother would always go to there concerts here in seattle.I am mpls boy too.Was in music business there.Its a tough thing to do recreate an art that is profoundly rooted in tradition.Only when you have a good hold or have mastered theory magic can happen as with the EST group...RIP esbjorn!
Esbjorn was very liked and famous here in his native country Sweden. His death top the news. He was only 44 and left a wife and 2 children. So sad.
I was some years ago to a fantastic E.S.T. concert at the big Stockholm Concert house. Is was sold out and for a jazz group this was big. A concert to remember.
I have just seen and listen to E.S.T. only DVD concert "Live in Stockholm" from 2000. A fantastic DVD that shows an incredible tigth band in the borderline between jazz and rock. It has a fantastic sound aswell!!
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