Error correction for Apple Lossless?

What is it? I am about 3/4 through ripping cd's and read somewhere that it was recommended to use it. I saw it and assumed it would mess with my music and left it off.

Jeffatus, you're probably talking about Itunes option. Set it ON - it will slow down ripping (slightly) but will prevent pops. Better yet, download better ripping programs (like EAC for PC or MAX for Mac - both free). These programs can be more accurate than Itunes but difference would likely be detectable only on scratched CDs. These programs will go many times to the same sector until proper checksum is obtained (I set MAX to do it infinitely) while Itunes seems to give up and interpolate after fewer attempts.
Thanks for the reply. Since I have already ripped 80% of my CD's, would you go back and redo all of them or do you think I can just re-rip the CD's I can hear issues with?
You can always rip one CD again with new settings and compare. If you don't hear improvement then leave it alone (unless you have pops and clicks).
I've AB'd several rips and can't tell the difference with the error correction engaged. Just my experience, yours may be different.
Thanks, thats helpful. I will keep my CD's in alphabetical order and if I hear any issues during playback I will just pull it out and re-rip with error correction. This way I won't have to redo all of my library, just the ones that need it. There's already a few ripped songs that skip, but they are the exception by far.