Eric Johnson - Anaheim DVD

For those of you out there that appreciate the way Eric Johnson plays guitar, his Anaheim DVD is a must have. It's a live concert at "The Grove" in Anaheim, CA. on May 3,2006.
It features Tommy Taylor on drums and Chris Maresh on bass. The three cook throughout. Would like to see more of Chris with Eric. I don't particularly like Eric's singing on his CD's but this DVD is incredible both in muscianship and sound quality. Crank up the volume!!!! His singing, on just a few tunes, is not bad. There's a little bit of weird bass distortion going on in track 3 "Trademark" but besides this, watch out for the goosebumps from this track. It's a DVD I could play over and over again. Highly recommended.
You should also get the Austin City Limits DVD.
Thanks Rwwear,
I actually ordered the Austin City Limits DVD at the same time. It should be arriving tomorrow. I'm looking forward to checking it out.
Here's a little taste of what I'm talking about. This is the tune that has the bass distortion.Enjoy.
Stereophiles web site also has a podcast of Eric Johnsons Anaheim concert . Its a little bit cleaner than the youtube site .
I rec'd the Austin City Limits DVD (1988 concert) and watched it yesterday. I prefer the Anaheim concert cause it's newer from 2006 and also because the audience is way more into it. If you gave out pillows to the Austin crowd they'd definitely fall asleep. No emotions at all. Dead in their seats! Great performance though. Just liked what was happening better overall with Anaheim.