Eric Bibb “Global Griot” removed from Tidal due to streaming

This was one of my favorite albums on Tidal.  The music was compelling and the Sonics outstanding on the MQA file.  I went to listen to it last night and it’s gone!  

When I investigated on the Tidal app it stated “record label does not permit streaming of this track”.

What the heck happened here?  Is this an isolated case, or could other albums suffer the same fate?  It is disappointing and concerning.
I would not be surprised to see more issues such as this with streaming services. It’s much the same with cable television, where local broadcasters sometimes get into fee disputes with a cable company, resulting in the loss of that channel for subscribers. It’s all about money.
"removed due to streaming" ???? Not sure what you mean by this.

I recommend checking on it. Sometimes an album is removed and comes back into rotation.
The entire album was removed because the record label for this album does not permit streaming.  So, I suspect Tidal received a cease and desist order to remove it.

Even worse, the only source I found for this album was a 24/96 flac file at Acoustic Sounds.  So, that leaves me out.
Thanks. I’ll have to check out this album. First search showed it available for purchase in the U.K. / Europe.

Tidal shows 28 albums with Eric Bibb as the primary artist, a few are favorites in my library. 17 albums with various artists, 16 albums with appearances and two production credits.
I am happy to report this excellent album has returned to Tidal.  Some form of agreement or monetary exchange with the record label would be my guess for the return.
I just noticed only the cd version returned.  No MQA.  Better than nothing though.