Era D4 or Energy RC10 for small bedroom system?

I am setting up a small bedroom system and am looking at the Energy RC10 and Era D4 speakers. Anyone have any opionions on which they prefer? They will be wall mounted.
we have the d4 as rears and they are really good in that role of as stand alone fronts as well. For their size they are great. I have no idea about the Rc10 energy units. I actually responded to remind you that the D4 is rear ported so if you wall mount it at angle so the port can breathe no worries. If you want to but the rear up to the wall then your base will be affected. Not a huge amount but worth considering.
I have D4's on pivotelli wall mount brackets as the main speakers in my office. Really good for the money. I had Kefs, many B&W's and numerous other speakers and the D4's are the best. Keepers. The Energy's are larger than the D4's. I use Red Dragon Audio Mono's to drive them. Right now I'm playing around with a Pro-ject Amp Box 20w/ch amp that's having no problem driving them.

My speakers are out about 6" from the wall which adds just enough bass warmth to compensate for the small mid woofer. However, to get those last few octaves, you will need to have a sub.
I am using Energy RC 10's in my bedroom. RC 10's are a good size for small rooms, as well as bedrooms, but they can be placement fussy and it is not because they are rear ported. In fact, placement close to a rear wall or inside a bookcase tends to work out OK. What are your accompanying electronics and how do you plan to place the speakers.

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Will be powered with my old NAD 2200 power amp and preamp.
Mounting will be up on walls left/right corners on OmniMounts or such leaving a few inches of breathing room.
Wall mounting should work out OK. Energy provides foam plugs for the rear port if the bass winds up sounding a bit smeared. The RC10's are available at half price for $300 from Vanns , which is a steal.

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