ERA D-14 0r D-10

Has anybody here heard a pair of these speakers
offered for sale here on the Gon?
Opinions if so would be much appreciated!


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I listened to both quite a lot. I wound up with the D14's over the D10's. to me and forgive me for my description, the 14 was fuller in the midrange and seemed to intergrate as a whole better. THe 10 just sounded a bit off to me. Crap answer, sorry. +1 on the inefficent but if you have the power they punch up and will rival speakers that are considered better by many. I had a chance to stand them up by units running $1200 more for a pair and I liked the era better. YMMV. I think the top end detail may have much to to with taste or electronics. I have d4's as rears and 14's as mains and they are nice and clear on top. for some of my music I have even rolled off the top a bit. Not really sure about my room as to it being dead or live.