ERA D-14 0r D-10

Has anybody here heard a pair of these speakers
offered for sale here on the Gon?
Opinions if so would be much appreciated!


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I own a pair of D4's. I've listened to the D5 and D10. In my view, they try really hard to put out a hefty bottom end from a small box. They are also quite inefficient.

All use the same basic drivers. So the choice of one over the other depends on how much 'extra' bass extension you want. Just bear in mind that comes with issues of placement. In a live room, the speakers sounded very good. In a 'dead' room they were way too upper/mid bass heavy. The top end is quite laid back and not particularly detailed. I use mine as the rears for HT now. A perfect place for them.

At the 50-60% off asking price, not a bad deal. At full retail I don't think they are worth it.