Equvalent Replacement for a/d/s M12 monitor speake

My 15 year old beloved a/d/s/monitor M12 speakers are shot. I have not been
in the sterophile loop for some time and I also move between the US and the
UK marketplace so I don't know where to start in looking for a replacement.

In my local store I have tested the Klipsch R7 and like it a lot and its
efficiency (which is important to me as I have a big room) but its physical
size I find too big. I also liked the omni-directional Mirages. In the UK
the Monitor Silver series is well respected but I have not listened to them.

Need an efficient easy to drive flat uncolored wide response speaker that
can function without a sub-woofer or powered bass in the US$2500/pair price
range. Suggestions please?
Paradigm Studio 100's $2200.00 US Very similar to your old M12's
Actually anything from Aerial is far more similar. Mike Kelly runs Aerial, and he was the one who worked the magic at a/d/s for many years. I'd recommend Aerial 6's or 7B (not original 7s). I have 5's and 6's - great speakers. Better than anything a/d/s/ made in the M-series. (I had L1290s and M15s, plus CM7s and L300s). www.aerialacoustics.com

True about the Aerial Acoustic, but may not be the easiest speakers to drive as they like power. Try the Soliloquy line, frequently seen on Audiogon. Nice finish work as well. solspeak.com.
Thanks. I've been listening and how do your recomendations compare to the Monitor Audio Silver S10's that are now on my list of contenders.
You can buy my a/d/s M12 speakers if you want. They are in almost mint condition and sound superb. I would like to get something smaller.