Equitech with digital only?

Any experience using balanced power only for digital?
I had a EquiTech 2Q and it's the best active conditioner I had in my system. The digital, analog switched and unswitched outlets all sound different. I use digital for DAC and unswitched analog for my amps and pre. If I ever go back to active, probably get the EquiTech wall unit to avoid the switch.

All conditioners sound different removing different amount of noise so you need to demo in your system and determine if it's right for you. My brother has 2 2Q in his system and loves them.
Hi Knight. Why do you call it active? What was the main benefit when you plugged your dac into the digital outlet?
It's a balanced Power System. Google equitech and balanced power.

Like all power conditioners, it lowers the noise floor. You hear a blacker and quieter background. With noise, you don't realize the amount until it's removed.
Knghifi. Did you ever use it just for your digital?
Do you any other conditioner?
I have one and use it for my processor and digital sources only. It does help. The theory behind why balanced power is helpful applies to analog more than digital but it applies to digital products as well.
Thanks all. Axle why would it apply more to analog than digital?
All power power supplies inject noise into the signal. Analog signals are continuous. Therefore, they are continuously subjected to power supply noise. Digital signals are retimed (chopped up). Essentially, their signal integrity is restored every step of the way. Digital signals are inherently immune to noise.
Axel. I appreciate what you say but Equitech 2Q yields improved sound. Any ideas why?
Knghifi, thanks for info. What did you replace your Equitech with?
Hi Axle. Just reading about the Berkely Alpha Dac 2. They mentioned they improved isolation technologies, among other things; and Robert Harley found it significantly better than the first version. If the bits are always perfect why so much concentration on electrical isolation amongst top notch DAC's?
Axle, the Alpha Reference notes further improved isolation.
Ptss, Power supply noise affects both digital and analog circuits. Its effects on digital circuits become a problem in in the GHz range. Even then the effects are limited to bit errors. You can't hear a bit error. In other words, you can't hear the signal until is analog. Therefore, if the 2Q is improving sound, that is because it's effects are reaching an analog circuit. There are several paths. One is power supply. A digital signal is a very dirty signal. It isn't designed to be clean because it doesn't need to be clean. Analog does need to be clean. The problem happens when these two worlds collide. How do you convert the digital signal to an analog signal without transferring the noise? You can't. You will always have some noise that transfers through. But if you start with a cleaner signal, then there is less noise to get through to the analog domain.

Therefore, I have no doubt that it is helping. I am saying the reasons are analog, even for a digital component.
Thanks Axle. Got it. I feel that is why my system indicates that with adaquate funds, separate isolation transformes for alalog and digital units would be ideal.
Yes. Isolating power supplies is ideal.
Axle I better appreciate your comment re digital as I'm investigating "ripping CD's" to my laptop. Among other articles I came across a blog on the "Design w Sound" website by Kent Poon. His 'proofs' of digital recording accuracy helped gratify my 'obsessiveness' re proper duplication. Supported by other sites as well.
Yes, I got an equitech for the digital and another one for the music system.

It's a miracle.
Coli. Nice to hear your comments as they echo my own.
Opinions about Equitech vs Balanced Power Technologies for digital and for analog? I've seen very good comments about both.
No idea about Balanced Power Technologies, the main difference seem to be bpt adds additional noise filtering components after the transformer while equitech is a HUGE transformer in a box.

I've had very bad experience with noise filtering on the music line (but before the equitech transformer they work great), so...

With equitech at least, the heavier the transformer, the better, but beyond 90 pounds they are seriously unwieldy...
Yes. The weight of the 2Q transformer is over 70 pounds. Significant for sure. The Sound Application stuff is nearly weightless. Fascinating technologies. I'd like to try a Hydra.