Equitech vs Furman Balanced Power Conditioner

Equitech 3RQE
Furman P-2300 IT E

Does anybody compare these two Balanced Power Conditioner? Someone said Equitech sounds a little bit better than Furman (but the price is more than double than Equitech 3RQE…).

I need to plug my Power-amp, Pre-amp, CDP and Clock in this equipment, does Furman sounds similar with Equitech? If Equitech sounds better, how much better you thimnk if you need to give them a score. For example: Equitech = 100, Furman = 95…etc.
I live in the UK and use the Furman IT-REFERENCE 16E which seems to do a decent job.
A while ago someone told me the Furman P-2300 IT E was better than the IT-Ref I have.
Hi mm622,

First off...There is no "sound difference"!

They are both doing the fundamentally same job BUT i feel the Equi-tech is better constructed with higher grade parts...

that said, note, THEY'RE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FOLLOW THROUGH IS HORRIBLE!!! and i had the Q-10 wall panel so that's one thing not to overlook!

Good luck!

OK, what about Equitech vs Torus? Which sounds better?
I would say the Furman I have is very well constructed and their technical support is excellent.
Audience 6TSSD best sounding,best made, and the BEST service i know i have 2 with AU24 SE cords.
Hope this helps PC man.