Equitech 2 Q VERSUS Running Springs, Dimitri

Comments, please. I am running Vandy Quatros, with Conrad Johnson 250 S and ET 5---am unable to compare the above units side by side. Does anyone have impressions, etc they can share? Hum from Equitech isn't terribly distracting once playing music. Just looking for somebody with an opinion who might have experienced both and have a firm impression. Also, power cords that seem to get the most out of these units.
Dimitri is dead quiet, does not degrade dynamics, 2Q doesn't either, but isn't quiet. Settled for RS.
Is the "noise" from the Equitech mechanical or something added into the signal? I've had a 2Q for years and no noises of any kind.
I had an EquiTech 2Q and is the best active conditioner I've own. I've own many and considered installing an EquiTech wall unit.

My listening room is very large so I never noticed the mechanical hum from the transformer until my brother mentioned it to me. He has 2 2Qs and his listening room is much smaller but never too loud where it interferes with the music. It's barely audible unless focus on it.

I was and my brother is using TRL PCs with the units. Paul Weitzel made them for me and is essentially a FIM/CRL PC. From my experience, it's excellent for SS and high current demand components.