Equipt. rack, ideas and sources

I am looking for a wall unit/equipment rack. I am leaning towards something industrial, like stainless steel, and am thinking about maybe designing a wall unit around a regular audio stand. Any ideas, suggestions and sources would be appreciated.
if you care about the quality of sound from your system, don't use the sort of stainless steel racks you might buy from a metro shelving dealer. if you like the industrial look, check out billy baggs. they have a web site. if your budget is more expansive, look at particular. they also have a web site. BTW, i'm not sure what you mean by "a regular audio stand." i assume you men something like standesign, may audio, target (not the store), etc.
Try the tnt-audio flexy table. It can be made out of your own stuff and looks cool
If you can work with hardwoods or black MDF, then Salamander Archetype racks provide infinite flexibility. Can be mounted on feet or two grades of casters. Each self has its own rubber isolation gaskets.