Equipment you just must get if you can

I mean something that you may not exactly need or/and cannot quite afford but still within reach, so if that piece comes up for sale, the price and the seller are right you would buy it because you really want to.
For me it would be Michael Green Audio Chameleon speakers.
I won't tell because if I do sombody might beat me to it. Wait, I will on second thought; I have always wanted a pair of Bose 901s. {Heh Heh; that should throw them off the scent].
Come on, Stan, tell us what you really want despite your fine argument.
I bought a pair of Yamaha NS1000 speakers last summer. don't need them, hardly ever use them, have lusted after them since I was in college in the late 70's.
Threshold SA/1 mono amps.
Bruce Moore mono block tube amps!
MBL Speakers.
I would like the new Carver mono blocks for my Maggies
Nothing I can think of. OK, at least for this year.
Lipinski 707's
Let's see:
A Yamaha AS2000 to see what the fuss is all about and a Hegel H70 and the new Wyred Mintegrated to compare to my Burson PI-160. That, and a quality base augmenter like a Glow Sub One to see if it really can add something below 40 Hz. that I can live with.
Great question!
For me, there are two items that I'm keeping my eyes open for.
1. 2M XLR Audio Magic liquid air IC's. Kind of pricey new, although I have a 1M now and I have to say its worth every penny.
2. Coincident Statement Line Stage
That line stage came up recently and I had to pass because I had just bought new speakers so I had to let it go. Plus, I just bought My Promethius Signature last summer, which is very, very, good, so the Coincident is a real luxury. But someday, I will snag one if the price is right and see how it stacks up against the Promethius.

nice choice on the MGD Chameleons---I happen to have a pair and love them---Mine aren't the latest version, but the 3rd version. I often think of selling them but don't think I could ever replace them with anything close to what I would get for them.
I should very much like a pair of Altec 19. But I would be thrilled with a pair of Valencia, Flamenco, 18 or 15.

I would also not mind settling for JBL L-300, or 200B.

That's my mission for 2012!
Justlisten, I appreciate your sadism. Let me tell you something - never sell them. Their going price would be $2000 or so which is ridiculous.
The truth is that very often I don't know what I am looking for until I find it. I often think about what level of performance I want rather than a specific component. Somewhat over a year ago when I was looking for a pair of newer speakers I was mainly looking at Sonus Faber Cremona. But before I found a pair at a good price I found my Gamut L5s so got those instead. I have been looking for a Naim DAC for a couple of years and made a couple of offers but never succeeded so I got a Rega this summer; it was very good but when I saw the HIFICRITIC review of the Metrum Octave I decided to take a chance on one; sold the Rega and ordered one. I had never heard of it before so although I wanted an upgraded dac I didn't know which one.
Stan, this is different but I know what you are saying, I think. For some reason I want to try Gryphon electronics and Echole cables. I have no idea why, but both are not even close to being within my reach.
And Michael Green speakers that I mentioned - I know exactly why I want them and theoretically I could afford them though I would have to skip breakfast and lunch for couple of months to pay for them.
Hope Solo
Some equipment I heard at a fellow audio club member's has me reeling. Some of the best recorded music I've heard period. It was a Meridian system, well if you want to call it a system. A Control 15 and 7200 speakers, thats the whole system. The music server drives the speakers direct no preamp, power amp, ect, ect. Simple elegance, and sound to die for.
Tannoy Kingdom Royal is way out of reach for me, but having a pair would be my dream come true.
Well, I can't actually say I would actually buy them, because there never is any money when they come around. But, I have always wanted... Audio Note P2SE amp, Ensemble Tiger Integrated, Nottingham Hyperspace, Cary 300SE signatures, Magnan ribbon speaker cables, KLH electrostatic speakers, Audio Prism Debut amp, and the old Purist Audio Design interconnects with the root beer colored liquid dielectric. Also, of course, One of LLoyd Walkers turntables at Goodwill on half off days among other things.
An Audio Research Ref 5 Preamp.
A few pieces I have snatched up when they came up used (due to a combination of rave reviews and their rarity on the used market):

Yamamoto DAC
Well-Tempered Amadeus
SP Tech Minis

But at present I am pretty contented with how things are set-up, so no longer on the prowl. Until the itch and the cash rear their heads again...
A friend just got a used Ref 5 so I will get to hear it without actually having to buy it.
Stan, you'll love the Ref5. I brought one home for a few days from my local salon when I was ready to upgrade my Ref3. I can't imagine anyone not liking it.
Audiokinesis Prisma speakers. Just a hunch I might love them. Highly doubtful I'll ever get an opportunity to hear them though, so likely just a pipe dream.
What do you think of the Yamamoto DAC?
They`re under the radar in the U.S.
Love the Yamamoto DAC. The sound is fabulous through it. A supremely satisfying DAC. And yeah they come up for sale used very infrequently.
cj 125 amp, which is my favorite amp.
Marten Coltrane speakers.
VAC Phi Beta integrated amp. Beauty!

I'd second the AR Ref 5 pre-amp as well as a potential system upgrade for me if cost were no issue.

Lastly, a DCS Ring DAC device of some sort as perhaps the last DAC I might ever need (for awhile).

Oh and why not upgrade my OHM F5s to F5000s while I'm at it.
While not a component per se, I just want a space to call my own so I can set up my system optimally and enjoy undisturbed!


conrad-johnson Premier 350.
I'm with Corazon. A real listing room so I can hear all that my system as to offer.
Although a dedicated audio room set up just the way one wants it sounds ideal, I have read that a few have been disappointed being secluded from the rest of their family. Particularly the ones with this room in the basement level of their home.

Have read the same and agree. By undisturbed I don't wish isolated, just a place where it can be set up properly and the wife doesn't mind.

I use the system for occasional movies as well. So in a sizeable family room would be great. I want to share the music with the family, my 11 y.o. daughter seems to love it.

However the wife objects to the speakers away from the wall. Its funny how stand mounts seem to curry favor but take up as much room as floorstanders. Must be the visual mass.

So a room where we can sit and enjoy a movie, play tunes, read a book, together with the system set up ideally is my wish.


And I agree with you as well Dave.
My problem is although I love the way my system sounds in my family room, I know there is a lot I can do to make it sound even better. But can't due to WAF. One thing that just happened recently was I moved a (high back) sofa away from the middle of my room to do something while my system was playing and had an OMG moment. The sound just opened up, was more airy and detailed. I usually roll out a desk chair and place it right in front of this sofa while listening because this is my "sweet spot". I thought how nice it would be to make that sofa disappear. That's not going to happen. I thought about a dedicated room but I can relate to that isolation thing and won't let it happen. Things are good now as we can all share the room.
A McIntosh MC602 amp. Overkill for my needs, but I just gotta have one!
Forget what I said earlier. Now that I have the Schiit Bifrost, I have no need for a bass augmenter. And the same goes for the Yamaha A-S2000 for the very same reasons. Quite the DAC, that Bifrost.

What I'd like to have, instead, is the Mola Mola preamp and monoblocks.
And throw in the LessLoss Laminar Streamer when it comes out.
I want a Pass XP-30!
I'll sell my XP-10 to help finance it.
My XP-20 will move to my second system.
All extra gear must be sold, first...
A Basis Debut table with a Graham Phantom
A full set of David Elrod cables (Gold Statement power cords, interconnects and speaker cables).
Evolution Acoustics MM7's/ VAC Statement 450 mono amps to drive them.
Been thinking on the Mark Levinson 33H Mono Amp.
Oh..... that's easy.....

(01). Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures (and I want them covered with Black Sock Cloth, with Polished Rosewood Caps on the top and bottom of the speakers).

(02). Bryston 3B SST Power Amplifier (and this amp will be perfect for the Vandie 2ce's too.... the Vandies tend to be warm and engaging, and they tend to roll off on the extreme top-end..... the Bryston 3B SST will open the Vandies up on the top-end, and will tighten them up on the bottom, while preserving that open and expansive mid-band and soundstage that I love about the Vandies).

(03). Bryston BP-26 Preamplifier with the Bryston BP-1.5 Phono Stage and MPS-2 Power Supply (if money is no object).


(04). Bryston BP-6 (with their Internal Phono Stage internally installed if money is a little tight (?!?!?!!!)).

(05). And a VPI Aries 3 Turntable (with a Sumiko Blackbird Phono Cartridge) to top things off.

What would I do not to have these!!!!

I need to either:

(01). Marry me a rich spouse who is as much into high-end audio as I am.

(02). Hit the Lotto Millions (even if I got to share the total jackpot).

(03). Dip into the Retirement Fund (which is really not an option).


(04). Work my ass off on two jobs and save like a motherfucker, and hope I come across some of these pieces as a bargain price here on Audiogon (hey.... good luck with that).

Well, we can all dream right????

Too bad this is not a reality right now (and THAT SUCKS too)...

Lamm LL2 Preamp. Even though I love my 6SN7/12SN7 based preamp, would love to try this one out.
YES,after a ton of research into an integrated amplifier to drive my new Sonus Faber Toy Towers I must have one of the original SimAudio i-5 or i-5.3 integrated's in Black finish(hint,hint to anyone with one)!!!