Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?

OK we all know what a merry-go-round audio can be. For those of us who are incessant upgraders, what components have you found that either have stopped or seriously curtailed your search for better?

For me its my Audio Tekne Cables and my vintage Classe DR3 amps (25 wpc high current class A design designed by Dave Reisch in the early days of the company). My Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3s would probably fall into this category, but I would probably buy the next statement models that Roy Johnson builds sight unheard.

B&W Nautilus 801.  Krell FPB 650 MCX
Bryston 14b3. marantz SA-10. I heard some very expensive equipment last weekend and I'm happy with what I have.
My Fisher Price Record player. Got it when I was 3 and have been so happy with it I have never wanted to look at anything else. Of course it doesn't actually "play" so I have to whistle and pretend. But it is fun to play with.
Sony TAN1 power amp
SME V tonearm
ZYX 4D ultimate MC cartridge
DPS 3 turntable
Sony STJ88B tuner (modified)
These are keepers.