equipment stands - $1000 $1500 budget

2 channels and AV mixed together, so I need to handle 4-6 19" units. No analog. Top shelf might be used for center channel (it is a bad idea, isn't it?). The long term plan is to setup a projector screen behind. space isn't quite an issue.

Wife prefers horizontal designs and the look is a major element in WAF.

For me sonic performance is important.

Currently we're looking into Solidsteel H6. Any comments/suggestions?

thanks in adv.
Consider Timbernation..Nice build quality
Totally agree with Thorman.
The Timbernation racks are beautiful and you can have the dimensions you desire custom made.I had 2 of them made, one horizontal the other vertical. Both were made out of 3 inch cherry and I even sent him the stain I wanted him to use.Highly recommended, if you need a photo or 2 email me.
No affiliation just a happy customer.
Good luck in your search,

I am using solid steel 5 series...happy with what i have.custom jobs are nice too though.Six series is nothing to sneeze at.