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So, after 33 years I am in the process of correcting a terrible mistake I made when I sold my turntable and vinyl record collection; I am getting back into analog! Turntable is on order; Michell Engineering GyroDec (full plinth, not the SE version) which I plan to use with an SME IV or V tonearm, cartridge TBD. Preamp is a McIntosh C50 with a McIntosh MC275-MK VI tube power amp. And now for the really interesting bit; speakers will be a pair of fully refurbished  Gale GS401A's. For those of you not familiar with Gale speakers here is a link:

I am looking for a very modern (glass & chrome?) equipment stand to house the electronics and turntable. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated. Similarly, advice on dealers in the Chicago area who stock this type of product would be useful. My budget is $1k to $2k.



I understand your appreciation for your design motif and unfortunately have no suggestions regarding the stand cabinet etc.  But would suggest that  you to use thick wood slabs of maple as the actual shelf your gear sits on via brass points.

It would be a shame, especially in view of your mistake 33 years ago, not to isolate the turntable on a proper isolation stand as opposed to a glass and metal stand or rack that, as attractive as it might be, would most likely exacerbate and amplify the unfortunate situation vis a vis the underlying vibration. Going one step further, why not isolate everything’s, including the speakers, on independent stands? Things have changed considerably in 33 years.
Hi Marcus,

One thing that has not changed is the sensitivity that turntables have to extraneous vibration/resonance. Should you choose to go the glass route for your stand, plan to spend $$ on vibration/resonance isolation devices under your TT.

You are setting yourself up for un-necessary headaches with that choice of stand.

Best to you Marcus,
I'm a big fan of the (vented) Quadraspire SVT. I have it in Bamboo, and am very happy with it.

Here's a link to the manufacturer:
Check out PlyKraft from Core Audio Designs. They are not cheap but they are built for life and provides very effective isolation. 

Just pick up the phone and speak to Arnold Marr, you wouldn't feel the need to shop anywhere else.

I don't suppose I can convince you to put the turntable in another room?

Glass = terrible idea. Don't do it!
Thank you for all the good advisee. Point noted about glass shelving, I will stay away from this option. I certainly like the look of the core Audio Design and Quadraspire products.



In the end I went with the PlyKraft 3L stand. So far very happy dealing with this company, Arnold is a joy to work with. With luck my new PlyKraft 3L stand will be delivered next week.

The Gale GS401A speakers arrived this week. Used them for the first time yesterday (McIntosh C50, MC275 MKVI and computer audio front end), they look and sound absolutely stunning. I can't believe these are 40 year old speakers. I can't speak highly enough about the restorer, Dave Smith at Vintage Gale. Dave has truly done an extraordinary job restoring these speakers to better than new.
Thanks for the update.
Let us know how you like the rack when it arrives and you have an oppertunity to set it up and listen to some music.
Wow, could not be happier, assembled the Core Audio Designs PlyKraft 3L equipment stand over the weekend. The product is not only beautifully designed and made, it also reeks of quality. Even the packaging it was shipped in was better than anything I have previously seen, absolutely bombproof. The stand is extremely heavy and very well damped. I doubt very much high SPLs in the listening room will have any effect on the turntable (Michell Engineering GyroDec and SME IV). I will be fitting the tonearm next week, and with a bit of luck the cartridge. In the end I decided to go with a Clearaudio Maestro V2 Ebony MM cartridge.

This project has made me love this hobby all over again, like when I was 16. Need to start thinking about buying some LPs now!

Glad to hear you are delighted with your purchase of PlyKraft 3L.  

Good luck with your turntable project and many years of musical bliss!!!!
Thanks for the update and enjoy the system and music!

I have several extra copies of the Gale Maximum Fidelity recordings if you are interested. I think you need to hear them over your Gayle speakers to fully appreciate the experience. The packaging and quality of the recordings is truly beautiful. Enjoy your system.

Good to know that Arnold's stands/racks are as much a grand slam as his "riser" speaker stands that I have.

Chayro send me an e-mail if you can.  I couldn't figure out how to end you one..