Equipment rack for vintage equipment?

I'm looking for an equipment rack or two for my vintage equipment. Probably my favorite that I've seen (that isn't $5,000+) is the Stands Unique, which unfortunately is European and no longer produced. I do not believe a rack affects the sound nor am I worried about vibration, so let's leave those attributes out of consideration. Let's say $750 max each, however I'd pay a little more if the looks blow me away.

Features I'd prefer:
  • Something that compliments the equipment or disappears.
  • Probably glass shelves
  • Shelves must hold 55 lbs.
  • Open design for good cooling.
  • Prefer wood posts, but open if the rack is attractive
  • Luxurious look would be a bonus, but probably not do-able in this price range

Features I don't prefer:
  • VTI, Salamander, BDI, Bell'O, Lovan
  • All wood
  • Too much metal, especially silver
  • All black
  • Utilitarian looking
  • Bulky
  • Enclosed sides

  • Pioneer SA-8800 integrated amp
  • Pioneer TX-7800 tuner
  • Pioneer SX-3800 receiver
  • Pioneer Elite C-72
  • Pioneer Elite M-72
  • Pioneer Elite PD-65
  • Pioneer Elite F-91
  • Kenwood GE-7030 graphic equalizer
  • Pioneer 563 CD player
  • amp switcher
  • Schiit Modi 2 

Racks I like, but have already rejected (either because the shelves won't hold the weight, they're discontinued, not available in the States, or too expensive):
  • Bush Segments audio tower
  • JTL STR1
  • Adona
  • Bell'O AT484
Maple shade racks with solid maple shelves, very strong and beautiful.
Are you local to NYC or close?
I have a great custom builder in SoHo NYC. He uses acrylic shelves and solid maple or cherry wood to build stunning looking racks.
@ stevecham: The price of Mapleshade is far above what I'm willing to spend and the posts are too utilitarian-looking.

@ czarivey: Nope. Maryland. Does he have a Web site? Pictures?