Equipment Rack Between Speakers...Good or Bad

This question came up in another current thread and I thought it would be more appropriate to start a new thread to address it. My rack is between my speakers. In the past I have tried it off to the side and didn't notice any sonic advantage. I have seen in in the past that there are some strong feelings on this subject, and I am interested in hearing what everyone has to say.
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I got a pair of GIK Freestand panels (gobos). Experimenting with positioning was interesting.  Least effective was the pair of them standing directly in front of the screen and blocking it.  Much better was having them right beside the screen, each side, touching and perpendicular to the wall behind (the front wall).  Evidently, if your screen isn't wall-mounted, reflections can get behind it too as well as bouncing off the front of it.  Best was them sitting half way between the back inner corner of the speakers and the front corners of the stand, at about 45 degrees to everything else.
Not sure about the acoustics as I’ve never had my rack in between my speakers.  But my buddy just had a larger, taller rack made for his equipment which sits behind and between his speakers.  The rack is very nice looking, but even so for me it slightly disturbs the aesthetics of the listening experience.  In my home my source equipment is in another room from my speakers, and I’m used to experiencing the imaging/soundstagong  sensation of musicians playing in a shape-shifting venue between and behind my speakers.

This is somewhat thwarted at my friend’s place by staring at a large wall of equipment and lights sitting in between the speakers.  It was a better listening experience when he had his much shorter rack between his speakers.

But that’s a subjective impression.  I know lots of us audiophiles are gear heads who really like to stare at all their equipment when listening to music.
It’s well known, that anything in the triangle of your speakers and listening position is not good.  As many have said here, a lot depends on your source as well.  Having a vinyl set up between your speakers is the second worse place you can locate it.  In back of your speakers against the back wall is the worst.  I have found for vinyl, the best set up is either to the left or right, between your listening position and your speakers, at least for me, seems to be the best.  I struggled for years finding the best place for subs and speaker positions.  For twenty years, I was pure analog, concerning my TT, but recently incorporated a Venue 360 and instead of trying to figure out what I can do to make the sound more cohesive, I now spend my time enjoying the music.  I have also said before, your room is just like an additional component.  Proper room treatment can not be over stressed.