Equipment purchase that made you want to get off the Merry Go Round (good or Bad)

So, I just auditioned another pair of speakers after reading the reviews and getting caught up in the hype. 
I won't name any specifics since I'd rather not start that type of debate.
Anyway, I was excited to get them but once I hooked them up ran them for a week my impression of the sound was these aren't for me. Nothing new here we have all done this a some point in our quest for great audio. 
However this time I had the strong feeling that I am staying put for a long while unless something breaks. 

Have you ever reach the conclusion that you are done for a while either because you maybe found the missing puzzle and achieved the sound you are looking for or in my case over-reached and bought something you didn't need falling prey to the hype of reviews,  
“So what does that mean? You are keeping the speakers you don't like? Or you are keeping your old speakers? “

Sent the speakers back that I auditioned, decided that my current setup is just fine.
Staying put with what I have (old speakers / current speakers). 
I’m not sure how else to explain it
I’ve not made any major component purchases in 5 years. No plans to make any major purchases either until my phono cartridge finally throws in the towel. It’s an old Linn Arkiv B which my dealer inspected and listened to over the summer and said it’s still making music!