Equipment not worth fixing, what to do?

I've found myself with a nonfunctional NAD M15, PS Audio PowerPlant 300, and a RAM modified Oppo player that whistles (I know, but it does).

None of these are worth what it would cost to fix. My question is, what should I do with them?

Really, I'm stumped, and they are just taking up space in my garage.
what is wrong with the P300? those are usually re-pairable.
Maybe you are not ready to take this step yet and maybe it won't work where you live. But I will post this in case it is helpful to someone else.

In California, Goodwill will accept and recycle e-waste. There is no charge. That is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of e-waste without waiting for a special collection. As an added bonus you can also get rid of those pants and shirts that remind you how much weight you have gained.
In the case of disc players anything but high end, I question putting any money into it. Between the age and the next "new thing" advancement. Used and not working at that, I don't think so. Amps and the like maybe, especially if it is a good brand. Having said that, I am in the same boat. I have a ill Cambridge Audio reciever listed here. The price is I thought low enough to make it worth someone having the unit repaired. I got just one offer, so low as too make me wonder if it was worth the cost to have it listed. It may help you sell if you can provide the cost of the repair. But with estimate's charges of $25 on up, combined with listing fees a bit dicey.
Put them on E*ay for parts or repair starting at 9.99 plus shipping - someone will usually snatch them up.
I agree with Entrope. List them here, E*ay, or Craigslist. There is always someone who will want to try and fix the non-working equipment you have. Just be sure to clearly specify that everything is non-working/as-is.
what Entrope and Jedinite said . . . you'd be surprised what they will fetch at auction (especially the P300, though not sure about the Oppo). And all you need to do is package them up for safe shipment.
Call PS Audio. They may take it as a trade in?