equipment interface to rack tweaks

I just purchased a new Polycrystal Rack and am finding it a bit too detailed as compared to my old rack which is a Roomtunes Deluxe Justarack. It is lacking in warmth but not in overall bass extension. The reason for the change was that I ran out of room and decided to replace a Standesign three shelf unit and I figured on moving the Roomtunes rack over and use the new Polycrystal rack as my main system. The equipment I use with this is a VAC Renaissance preamp, VAC PA100 amp, Linn Karek and Numeric cd transport and dac. Most of the cabling is Audio Magic and the speakers are Nautilus 802's.
I remember a previous thread mentioning the John Boos butcher boards and and tried these under the various components. First under the cd transport, better, but not as good as a small cheese cutting board that has four little rubber feet, under the dac I felt the sound stage lost focus. It was better directly on the shelf. With the board under the preamp I felt is a step in the right direction and under the amp a step back much in the same way I felt as under the dac. I also tried some different rubber footers I have on hand and this was definitly the wrong way to go as it decreased image focus, bass extension, and top end extension.
So basically, I'm looking for other suggestions than what I tried so far. I'm thinking of maybe a Symposium shelf under the transport or a Bright Star box. I don't know how brass cones would interface with the Polycrystal shelf. I know it would be a problem under the Linn gear because they don't weigh much and require a hefty push on the power switch. I'd like a little advice from experienced tweakers or someone with some Polycrystal experience.
Maybe I'll get used to the change after awhile but I really liked the way it sounded before, or the last option would be to move the Roomtunes rack back and use it.
I would try brass audiopoints under my equipment. If you're concerned about marring the polycrystal use the audio disk under the point. If you don't care for them then return them for a refund.
I agree pretty much with The Audiotweak. My experience with the MGD Deluxe Justarack was that it sounded phenomenally bloated and indistinct on the bottom end while completely destroying the harmonic structure and the "air" around instruments. I know others that have / use these racks though and really like them. As far as the Polycrystal's go, i've never used them.

For the record, i have no affiliation with any rack manufacturers in case you are wondering. Sean
Last night I swapped everything back to the Justarack and that is the sound that works for me and I can now see that no amount of tweaking on the Polycrystal rack will result in the sound that I crave. This system just sounds so good I can't wait to get off work to sit back and listen. If it isn't broke don't muck it up applies here.
I'll swap the position of the racks back and set up my secondary system (basically my old system) which is Classe DR5 preamp, a pair of DR8 amps, and Sony X7ESD driving Green Mountain Diamantes and see how that works out, hopefully it will be an improvement in that system, if not back to the drawing board.
I realize that many of you that have responded to the various questions on racks favor the Sistrum racks but I would be reluctant to place my gear on those sharp spikes. I also question how a piece of gear, say a preamp is designed and voiced must sit on something, (workbench, granite slab, butcher block, whatever) that this voicing would change sitting atop spikes unless it was originally designed that way. I have not questioned Kevin Hayes as to what he uses for a platform and the only website I've run across that even addresses this issue is Joule Electra which states and depicts the equipment on maple slabs.
I don't know that there is one "correct" way to accomodate equipment other than what sounds best to the individual. As Sean noted, he found the bass ill defined and muddy with the Justarack and my experience is exactly opposite.
Thanks for the responses.
Hey Tom, where does one find threaded brass rods to replace the steel ones on a Justarack?
My rack has the optional brass spikes but I have never seen the threaded rods or hardware in brass.
Hello out there. I ordered the rods and nuts from a local agent for a local or national vendor. I need to find the receipt. I will look and post the info on here when I find it. Tom
Rhl..To answer your reluctance to place your equipment directly on the points of the Sistrum shelves you could place the apcd discs between the component and the point. This is sometimes a preferred method of transmission for me. It is dependent on weight of each individual component. Most devices, say 7lbs or less sound best with the addition of the discs. The disc in these low mass applications increases the surface area and helps disapate away more resonance. Higher mass components seem to work best directly on the point.With or witout the discs the difference is audible, but only slight. I feel the Sistrum is the only way to hear your gear for the first time. You will change electronic components but you always keep the Sistrum rack..Tom
Rhl: Kind of amazing the difference that a rack can make, isn't it ? Quite honestly, i had read various reports about the sonics of various racks and always thought it was "hype". After experiencing something like that first hand with several different designs, there is no denying the effects that a "simple" thing like a rack can have on sonics.

Other than that, i'm glad to see that we can agree to disagree : ) That's why i always try to stress system synergy and checking things out for yourself. Someone can tell you all about something with as much enthusiasm or contempt as possible, but when you experience it for yourself, it really is a revelation. Sean
The synergy is the same scientific application of physcial laws thruout. Could this be dynamic coherence?.. Tom
For me the polycrystal rack was a stunning upgrade over the Roomtunes justarack. A more focused presentation. As far as how much energy is stored or not it is not relevant to my ears. It simply sounds better. I am using all Manley and audio aero components so maybe tubes are more compliant. The polycrystal gear is also the best looking. If anyone is interested in my justarack you may email me. I believe they aren't being manufactured anymore