Equipment furniture ... need help

OK I need something that can do the following:
a) house about 4 or 5 pieces of audio / home theater gear
b) support a 175 lb center channel speaker/amp
c) can't be more than about 21" high

Any ideas on this?
The Salamander synergy twin 20 has the exact specs you're looking for. I don't know if it's still available but that's a good place to start.
Check out Salamander modular furniture online. You can configure their stuff many different ways and it is attractive and nice looking.
Yes, the salamander twin 20 is available and it will work well. Another option (depending on size) is the triple 20. I just got one and I much prefer it to my older "single" 40. There is a triple 20 for sale on ebay now. If you happen to live by the guy, it will be a good deal. (Not my auction, just noticed it was there....)
I purchased a Salamander cabinet that holds six components. Front doors are available and so are back panels. The Salamander cabinet comes with a "steel bracket option" that attaches the TV to the cabinet and allows it to float. This is less expensive than a wall mount and does the job perfectly (for me). please see