Equipment fetish

After a time of buying equipment, using them and then selling some of them off, I am left with the rig I presently listen to and then some really heavy boxes of equipment, a pair of Class A monoblocks, as well as a 300SET amp, besides of a pair of monitors, one preamp, a phono preamp as well as a turntable. I have diagnosed my condition with equipment hoarding syndrome. My real state has remained the same, as my collection of gear keeps increasing, as well as some credit card bills etc... I would like to hear from Goners who are at this stage or have simply moved on....What was the situation with their equipment and how, if ever, they were able to get rid of extraneuous gear, and how they have felt about it afterwards. What sort of excuses do you contoct in order to justify your keeping of gear that is not being used at present time?
I don't know if I have the right to talk, but I usually sell to buy the next piece. Somehow I have managed to collect three CDPs and several extra sets of cable. When I have enough equipment in boxes it means it's time to sell it and buy a new piece. It must be time now!
The cur efor me was to run out of money to spend. Now I must live through others' purchases by reading reviews while I slowly save for my next upgrade. Wish they could make a vaccine for this.
The best, fetish wise, was that pair of amps that someone built that looked like pair of spike heels. Is that your next step? High WAF!
Click on my "System". 'Nuff said
Jeffloistarca, LOL, you got it bad.
Bemo I feel for ya. My condition eventually got so bad that I had enuf stuff for three complete systems. As time wore on, my ex got all the B units when we split and I sold off the C units at giveaway prices. By some miracle of good taste and judgement (ahem!) the A system has reached a relatively stable configuration. Nowadays when I do find something new I sell the redundant unit. However one piece of audio history continues to elude me (a circa 1991-94 preamp) which I search for daily but cannot seem to find.

My advice for you is to enjoy the gear you use, recycle the gear you're hoarding and so allow some lucky new owner to revel anew in its former glory by giving it pride of place in the No.1 spot.
I understand! I BS myself by saying I have to have a "2nd" system. However, I seldom actually use the 2nd system (except for headphone output of pre-amp for DVD-V watching), and in reality it mainly serves as spare components for my big rig. Otherwise, I can't bring myself to just stuff good components into closets indefinitely, and rather just sell un-used components. Good Luck, and Cheers. Craig
don't sell off everything - keep some unused favorites for spares in case of failure or lightning damage. That way you're not shut down while the piece is sent out to the repair shop for __ weeks.
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If nothing else its good for a laugh. We here at the audio comunity have serious problems and should all seek psychological help, what we do is not normal.
My main problem is amps. At the moment I have in my listening room a Mesa Baron, a pair of Transcendent T8LN monoblocks, 2 David Berning 270's running as monoblocks, and a Wavac 572, as well as older Electrocompaniet AW250 and B & K (I forget the model). Of course, there are also the 3 CD players, 2 (soon to be 3) preamps, enough interconnects and speaker cables for 3 systems..... The only thing that I only have ONE pair of is my Merlins; since I got them I feel very little desire for change. I need to sell some things!