Equipment failure with Dakiom tweaks?

Has anyone experienced an equipment failure while using the tweaks from Dakiom?
Not here- I have them on my cd player, power amps & speakers.
I cannot explain exactly what they do, but they do make a positive difference in the sound.
My brother says that the sound is clearer & more refined with more detail.
I agree with your brother, as I've experienced a sonic improvement with them.
I just added a Cambridge DacMagic into my system, and when I contacted Cambridge to make sure there wasn't a compatibility issue, it was strongly suggested to me that I do not use them with the DAC.
I *didn't* check on my MSB Full Nelson dac which went belly up after months of trouble free use, with the tweak installed. So, causality is hard to know.
Of course, I'm somewhat concerned about the rest of my equipment which has been tweaked.....
My experience is the same as Paladin; with both solid state and tubes I heard a noticeable improvement and there have been no operational issues or failures with the Dakiom s in the system.
My experience with Dakiom has been for the most part very negative. I have experimented with the 273s and have found the following:

* Using it with Rowland gear 501s/Capri is a big mistake
as it produced a huge buzz the moment the equipment was
turned on.

* Using it with Rotel componets in our second home was OK
until I replaced it with an Audio Magic interconnect and
the system improved dramatically.

* Unhappy with the 273s I tried to return them but was
refused even though the Dakiom website clearly says that
they are guaranteed.

* The only use I have found for them is in connecting an
Sony HD Tuner to our main system. The Sony HD unit was
purchased for under a $100.00 and that one componet seems
to benefit versus standard interconnects.

Overall, I would strongly urge fellow AudioGon members to be extremely careful with these Dakiom products. I mean, just read through the advertising and tell me if this sounds like rational argument or the ravings of a 'very sad little man'!
I found the Dakiom tweaks work more magic with mid-hi than hi-fi. Put them on a Marantz 1250 int. amp, Denon CDP, and there was a real improvement. Put them on my current system, and can't tell the difference.
I think I agree with you, a bucktwoeighty. But, so far, no one has told me that they think these tweaks have trashed any of their equipment in a significant way. Application failures, yes, hardware failures, well, no, (other than potentially mine) mentioned so far.
They've made a sonic difference in my system, but not one I have favored.

They have never caused any problem with my equipment.
I used the Dakiom with my tube preamp and tube power amp and never had any equipment failure. Sold them after a month, I didn't like the effect it had on the midrange in my system. Before selling them, I tried them on a midfi system my wife uses and the system sounded better without them.
Never any equipment failure.
I believe dakiom stated in their site that it would work on most systems except for other designs particularly higher end designs in defense of dakiom. They like any other manufacturer of tweaks do not claim to solve all audio problems. Like any other manufacturers, they have to try to convince thru adverstisments and tests to sell their products. If they were snake oil like MANY expensive cable companies, THEY WOULD NOT SHOW A DIY SCHEMATICS for you to do yourself WITHOUT purchasing their products. In criticism of dakiom, some of their CRITICISM of many manufacturers particularly in amplifier/receiver and subwoofer designs is UNFOUNDED because they DON'T MANUFACTURER any of these DESIGNS. I find ANY manufacturer or hobbyist who criticize a particular ENGINEERING design without any appropriate bench testing and scientific principles behind in relationship to how audio works in electronics to be SCRUTINIZED with SKEPTICISM. The truth is YOU cannot test every single DEVELOPMENT in audio electronics particularly in amplifier theory and loudspeaker design without having flaws or improvements in that design,and criticize it for not meeting your expectations. NONE OF US, have ever HEARD every system and every combination there is possible of every design. To simply say a general criticism of these audio components without ever DESIGNING ONE,such critics have NO ROOM to talk and BASH such components of being equal to the other as being crappy or bad sounding without ever DESIGNING one. That is one of my CRITICISM of dakiom who tend to LUMP most manufacturers of amps, subwoofers, receivers etc n the same CATEGORY especially regarding price. There are much criticism in the high end world of prices, but to bash HIGH END in general is unfounded like what dakiom does for the most part using their claim of having science behind them in bashing the high end world by the use of DBT's or double blind tests. Some high end components are that expensive because of the science, engineering applications and manufacturing process behind developing such products. Without ever manufacturing, designing and go thru the hardship of development, DAKIOM has no ROOM to bash amplifier manufacturers WITHOUT THEM every designing one and that is WHAT DISTURBS me and those of us who are objective and open minded. To accuse manufacturers of being ARROGANT of not applying their principles is also ARROGANT on their part,so they are also hypocritical and arrogant themselves for making such claims. They seem to bash many components and trash them as being garbage without dakioms, not realizing many high end designs ALREADY have FEEDBACK STABILIZATION within the circuitry. They claim that without their feedback stabilization, all amplifiers in general except some are basically the SAME and sound like crap. THAT IS FAR FROM REALITY and truth, though they claim to DECIDE that their TRUTH is truth. I find that very DISTURBING and SELF DEFEATING and would turn would be users of their products off because of a BIAS claim. Every manufacturer has BIASES and make claims about their products of being the ONE or only one or best one. THOSE who criticize dakioms however are UNFOUNDED too, because there are many components that do need feedback stabilization in one form or another and would be enhanced by the use of dakioms. What dakioms are in it's concept is really a form of water filteration system in regards drinking water. In mechanics it would be like shock absorbers as they claim and in electronics, more like a HEAT SINK which keeps the amplifier stage from overheating and thus creating more distortion or a combination of semiconductors that PROTECTS other semiconductors from shutting down,say like a FUSE. After all, the DIY in the diagrahm are semiconductors such as capacitors and resistors, and what's inside the box being PATENTED has a variations of those semi conductors. The dakioms like any other tweaks such as sound processors DO work for many,and for some IT does more harm then good because there are AMPLIFER designs that have no need FOR FEEDBACK stabilization, it's only BUILT into the design, to simply add another stabilzer from an external source will be like ADDING TOO MUCH SUGAR TO YOUR COFFEE or in other words, like ADDING TOO MUCH INSULATION in your SPEAKER CABINET OR HOUSE. Do you people get the concept. Another example would be ADDING too much shock absorbers (which dakioms use as an analogy)to your car's suspension, it would only turn your car into a bouncing ball. The point I'm trying to make as one who studied amplifer theory in electronics, former high end home theater installer, former technician at sony, and 30 yrs as an audio enthusiast is that YOU only use parts for a component that is designed for whatever setup you are trying to do. You put together what sounds best for you and many times you have to experiment. You try to match amplifier impedance with speaker impedance. With the dakioms it's the same principle. It will do more harm in your listening pleasure then good in some designs that has no need for it. That is why all the critics here of dakiom is also UNFOUNDED in their criticism. The equipment you have set up, by it's DESIGN from the engineer or designer who designed it have already designed a product that has NO NEED for dakiom's stabilization, therefore you were matching something that has no need. The DAKIOMS do work for systems that REQUIRE feedback stabilization. Now, this applies to SOUND processors which are different in audio physics then a feedback stabilizer and other types of filteration systems. Those are more for psycho acoustics which is based on a different principle by altering sounds coming from the source within the circuit. Like sound processors however, dakiom stabilizers ONLY works for systems that may require it because of lack of equalization, enhancements and so forth. Like the stabilizers and other types of audio filters, it will COLOR or over ENHANCE some systems that are well designed and make those systems unrealistic and displeasing to THOSE audio enthusiast who have different tastes of how music is reproduced. In my 30 yrs like all audio engineers whom I learn from, there is no such thing as a SYSTEM that PLEASES everyone every time because with the many designs built in audio history, there have always been achievements and flaws. There is SNAKE OIL and there is also a WORK OF ART in the high end and low fi world of audio. The best EVALUATOR of any system will always be THE PERSON WHO OWNS IT because you have to live with what you got. I as a neutral observer AGREE AND DISAGREE with BOTH THE CRITICS AND USERS OF DAKIOM because I too am a fan and user of dakioms but also a critic equally. If you can learn anything from my assessment, DON'T use dakioms if you discover it won't work for your system and if sound enhancement is what you are trying to accomplish, you might want to try other types of tweaks or if you don't believe in any, do your research and get advice from actual sound engineers in the field if you can and just purchase better equipment for your taste that will require a significant amount of investment like anything else. Sound processors is an alternative and also an addition to the dakioms for SOME systems but not for all, it will do more harm then good on some systems. Some systems are better left off as it is INTENDED unadulterated, BASIC but high end. Remember, the more source you add in the chain of components the more interference and distortion is likely to occur good or bad, that is why some with very expensive and well made systems have very little components that gets in the way of their sound system. As for the many systems I have, NEVER had any failures using dakiom tweaks, as I have pretty much purchase more than half of their products since 2004 and current. My advice is use dakioms only if needed, otherwise leave your system alone, the same with cables, interconnects and other tweaks. Don't waste your money on power conditioners if the system doesn't require it. Getting better designed amplifiers, preamps, cdp's and loudspeakers will get your further in your quest for audio nirvana. For some of us TWEAKS are necessary in order to achieve audio nirvana and for some their system is good as is, and a few slect, a LIVE BAND!
my interaction with this 'company?" was the worst i have ever had with "any" company. not just in audio. i wouldn,t have any products of theirs if paid to do so. so no their stuff didn't break my stuff
Wow! what a email response I received from my questions to Dakiom. Lets just say soap should be used...
yeah, don,t dare cross these guys with an opinion or the wrong choice in speaker wires. ha. i thought i had been cussed out in every language til i met dr daxiom
hotmailjbc, YOU ARE RIGHT! even though dakioms work for my different systems, the PEOPLE especially the owner of dakiom is STUBBORN and wouldn't see anything outside their VIEW of things. TRUTH to them is according to their TRUTH ONLY! If you disagree with them especially in areas where you have difference of opinion, it's an AUTOMATIC LECTURE of DISAGREEMENT with them explaning away the subject as THEIR TRUTH and anything else would be a LIE. Even though I am a customer and user, I am also a major CRITIC of how they deal with those who DISAGREE with them or QUESTION their assessments. I do not like the ELITEST in high end audio either, in fact far worst, especially those in the CABLE industry. No way in the world, I would spend over $200 on a single interconnect or speaker wire. The people at dakiom is about as arrogant as the people in high end world whom they criticize in my opinion. EVERYONE has an opinion and have a different experience in any product. NO ONE is going to always agree with any product. There will always be pros and cons. To the dakiom people, their SCIENCE is the ONLY TRUTH. Science is a combination of TRUE PRINCIPLES but it is also FULL OF THEORIES AND CONCEPTS which is NOT TRUTH, so there is a contradiction in science, but DON'T ARGUE THAT WITH DAKIOM engineers!
Man I was curious about some of the Dakiom tweaks but after these posts I may think twice. I would think they would have some grounds to get pissy if you were asking a question that was covered in their ads (17 pages in MS word last I checked) but to be mean to people debating or asking questions I think is wrong. I guess that may be why their last positive feedback was in early 2010.
i just asked him which ones i need and he looked at my system and went medieval on me ha. told me to put toilet paper under my s--- system. gotta love it ha and that is the nice thing he said to me