Equi=Tech, Components & Benefits of Balanced Power

I own the Equi=Tech 1.5 Q, which I know is highly regarded in studios. Does this unit improve the sound of my amplifiers as well as my digital equipment? Does the Equi=Tech constrict power input, and thus affect the dynamics of the amplifiers? Please, I know I can test this for myself since I already own the unit --I am only soliciting opinions.
I also have a 1.5 & I am very happy with what it does. I use it on all my front end gear & my entire home theater including a 65 inch projection T.V. I tried it on my amp & I felt it slowed down the pace of the presentation. I wanted to have surge protection on the amp but not at the expense of the music. This is my opinion others may differ. I think Equi=Tech may have found something similar & responded with the Q version. Good digital gear especially likes balanced power.Prior to installation, the difference in the sound quality between my Krell KAV 300cd & My SonyDVP9000Es was not as huge as the price difference would justify. With balanced power the Krell just blows away the Sony. Larry W.
I run two 1.5s. They do NOT constrict power. Theoretically the power line should be quieter, but here I cannot discern any difference. I use them to run 120VAC equipment in a 230VAC country with very good effect. Cheers,